Fingerprints and Linxens are partnering on the next technology breakthrough

World-leading biometrics company Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) is proud to partner with Linxens, a global leader in the design and manufacture of microconnectors for smartcards and RFID Antennas & Prelams®. In this cooperation, targeted towards card manufacturers, Linxens is bringing a new high performing contactless fingerprint-on-card Prelam® to the market and Fingerprints is providing the recently announced T-Shape™ sensor module. With an annual market of 4 billion smartcards for the financial services, eGovernment and access-control markets, of which 50% are contactless, the benefit of biometrics is enormous in terms of increasing security without compromising speed and ease of use for consumers. Linxens’ unique Prelam® technology integrates and connects all the functional components of this type of next generation card.

Additionally, Linxens’ tape technology makes the fingerprint sensor fully compatible with the smartcard industry’s requirements. This partnership marks yet another important milestone for Fingerprints in the execution of its smart card strategy, solidifying its leadership position as a biometric solutions provider in this new segment. Together with the recent launch of the Tshape™ sensor module, it constitutes a further step towards high volume production. “Linxens is proud to work with Fingerprints on this innovation which provides a fingerprint-on-card Prelam® solution for card manufacturers. Fingerprints is a leading provider of fingerprint sensors, with market-proven leading-edge capabilities in power consumption and biometric performance. Our common solution will offer a contactless and battery-less experience”, explains Thomas Hitzer, Senior VicePresident, FTA Business Unit, Linxens. Linxens showcased a working card solution, complete with its Prelam® technology and Fingerprints’ T-Shape™ sensor module at Trustech, an international event focusing on trust-based technologies, which recently took place in Cannes.

To ensure a low entry barrier for card manufacturers, Linxens’ Prelam® can be converted into finished cards by means of standard smartcard machinery and processes. “Collaboration is key in the smart card ecosystem. Linxens is a leading provider in the smartcard arena and this partnership means that we will be advancing in this market together to offer a truly integrated and scalable solution for smart card manufacturers of next generation payment cards”, says Thomas Rex, SVP, Business Line Smartcards, at Fingerprints. Press Release To learn more about Linxens, please visit: To learn more about Fingerprints smart card solution, please visit: For further information, please contact: Thomas Rex, Senior Vice President, Business Line Smartcards at Fingerprints Investor Relations: +46(0)10-172 00 10 Press: +46(0)10-172 00 20 About Linxens Linxens is a world-class provider of component-based solutions for the security & identity market. We design and manufacture microconnectors and RFID Antennas and Inlays. Linxens believes in innovation. We are a team of doers who relentlessly work to achieve excellence.

We are the leading solution-provider for telecom, financial services, access control, e-Government, healthcare, hospitality, leisure & entertainment, IoT and transportation markets. We also use our technical expertise to offer innovative LED lighting solutions. With 8 production facilities in Asia, Europe and North America, 4 R&D Centers, and over 3000 employees, Linxens makes its large-scale production capacity available to its customers, and delivers guaranteed product and technical reliability. The company reported revenue of €535 million for 2016. More than 6 billion people worldwide use Linxens products every day. Linxens technology gives users the best connection possible. These connections affirm our commitment to the future, and our expertise in creating technology that serves the people. Linxens crafting the future of connections.

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