Five Percent More

Today on the blog, we bring you some advice from retail expert Doug Fleener on how to aim higher during the post-holiday lull.  Doug encourages you to push for just 5% more – a stretch but an attainable one.  How can this strategy help your business during the slow days following the holiday rush?







Five Percent More 

January can be a lost month in many non-seasonal stores. After working so hard in December, some retailers sort of coast along until things pick up again in early February for Valentine’s Day. Slow traffic is the norm, and projects start to take precedent over driving business.


I believe January is an extremely important month. It sets the tone for the year, and January actions and results create the momentum, or lack thereof, going into Valentine’s Day.


Here’s my advice for January. Strive to hit 105% of goal. Take the actions necessary to do 5% more. Target 5% more sales, 5% higher average daily sale, and 5% more transactions.


Let me show you how.


5% more sales

Let’s say your store has a goal of $2,000. What actions will you and your team take to make an additional $100 sale? That’s nothing, right? Will you call five customers? Send five emails?


5% higher ADS

Now, let’s say your store has an average daily sales target of $50. Aim for every sale to be at least $52.50. That’s it! Just $2.50 more. That’s nothing. What actions will you and your team take to sell just $3 more? Sell down instead of up? Show two additional items? Not stop the sale?


5% more transactions

If you have a sales goal of $2,000 and an average sale of $50, that means you have a goal of 40 transactions. To raise that by 5% you only need to make two more sales. That’s nothing, right? What actions will you and your team take to make two more sales? Be a little more sales focused? Show and sell with more energy?


All of these look pretty achievable, right? Just five percent.


If you achieved all three of these, you would end the day at roughly $2,300 in sales, or 115% of goal. That’s how you don’t coast! That’s how you build momentum. That’s how you create success… 5% at a time.


So let me ask, can you do just 5% more today? I bet you can!




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