Following the money – who could be profiting from a government shutdown?

Everyone knows that expression – “follow the money” – it’s been used in every TV crime show or novel.  Why? Because so often money is the reason people commit crimes. 

  This government shutdown has gone on way beyond the point of making any sense.   I am wondering if there is more to it than a desire to block Obamacare, or simply attacking the President.  While I totally agree that our deficits have to be reduced,  all I see is a lot of stalling.  

 Are some individuals or companies benefitting from the stalemate in Washington DC? 

 Could the shutdown of the government be a smoke shield or diversion for some illegal activity that a business or businesses are now conducting without the scrutiny of the Federal government. 

Who could benefit from a lack of scrutiny? 

 1. A major Wall Street bank might want to conduct illegal transactions involving tens of billions of dollars for its clients, taking hundreds of millions in fees for doing so.  15 days is more than enough to move a few trillion dollars around and then digitally cover your tracks.  (not that Wall Street ever felt it needed a government shutdown to engage in fleecing the public – but the current situation might further embolden otherwise only moderately morally challenged individuals)

 2. Shipping –  could certain goods be shipped across the country – or out of the country – during this time, without Federal scrutiny?

 3. Food chain – Would manufacturers take advantage of a lack of government inspectors to use products that do not meet Federal standards? 

  4. Toxic waste dumping – if no one is watching, could companies dump toxic wastes in excess of levels allowed by permits?

  5.  Weapons sales – would arms manufacturers be able to conduct business that otherwise would be impossible? 

  Sadly, the list is almost endless. 

  Any illegal activity would involve tacit cooperation of dozens of people – i.e. – there would be plenty of evidence – from corporate boardrooms, to the guy on the shipping dock moving the merchandise.     And, maybe it’s not even a conspiracy – perhaps there are just a number of companies who want to “make hay while the sun shines” and don’t mind telling their Congressman to take their time. 

   When you are out driving around this week, think about who might be profiting from the government shutdown and if something comes to light, consider if that activity is something that needs to be anonymously put on YouTube or published somewhere.  

  After all, is this any way to run a country?