Four Advantages Of Emailing Receipts


Some point of sale systems now give the ability to email a receipt to your customer instead of just printing it out. While this might seem like a trivial feature it has some unique benefits that you might be overlooking. 


  1. It saves paper. It might not be much paper, but it adds up. You can advertise this to your customers by saying “Would you like an email receipt, it helps the environment by saving paper?” This makes you look good and might make your customer feel they are doing something to help.

  2. Your customers will have a harder time losing their receipts. It is more difficult to lose an email than a piece of paper crammed into a wallet, purse, desk, or car. It also puts your store’s name in front of the customer one more time when they check their email.

  3. Use the email as a marketing opportunity. Along with the basic receipt information your software should allow you to put a custom header or footer in the email message. Use this to advertise specials, discounts, upcoming events, or other messages.

  4. Collecting customer email addresses is easier. You can use the first two advantages to help convince your customers to share their email address with you. When you have your customer’s email address, it makes it easier for you to contact them via email and hopefully gain followup visits and purchases.

Does your POS software allow you to email receipts? Start building your customer email list today by asking each customer if they’d like a receipt emailed to them.

About the Author
Justin Laing is an executive at LightSpeed: A web based point of sale and inventory control system for brick and mortar retailers. It keeps track of all your sales, customers, inventory, purchase orders, work orders, and more. MerchantOS has all the features you’ll need to manage your retail business, packaged in an easy to use and intuitive design. MerchantOS allows you to quickly email your customers their receipt and integrates with email marketing tools to make your life easier.

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