Guidebook – Selecting the Best Mobile Point of Sale System For Your Business

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  1. Selecting Software
    Choosing your software before you choose your device is imperative since not all devices are compatible with all possible software solutions. Android, Apple iOS and Windows have emerged as the leading trio of mPOS software platforms.
  2. Choosing the Right Device
    Choosing the ideal device for customer-facing activities is a key consideration. Consumers today often have the very latest smartphones and tablets themselves and therefore expect restaurants and retailers to offer technology that’s just as cutting-edge.
  3. Painless Payments
    Ensure your mPOS will accept the forms of payment your customers expect.
  4. Learn Why EMV Matters
    Processing an EMV card usually involves dipping the card into the reader and leaving it there until the transaction has ended. Because it’s different than a simple swipe, it’s essential to train employees how to recognize and handle chip-based card transactions.

This eBook will guide you in selecting the best mobile POS for your business by discussing the array of hardware devices and software platforms, card readers, and more.

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