Free mobile barcode apps

Free barcode reading software for your cell phone!    A number of companies are now offering bar code applications for cell phones at no charge.

These apps let you read either the plain old 1D (one dimensional) bar code


 – like the UPC code on a package, or, the newer 2D bar codes, or both.

The newer 2D bar codes look like this :

The 2D bar codes have a lot more capacity, so they may include a link to a website, or a coupon, or personal contact information – name, address, phone number. 

Not only can 2D bar codes be printed, but most cell phones can read them from a computer monitor.    If your phone read the 2D bar code above, you probably found a secret

message about where you could create your own personal 2D bar code for free!

Do you need a barcode reader for your cell phone?   Visit our Helpful Links page for several companies that offer them. 

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