Full 3D Signage at Point of Sale

digital 3D point of sale signage

Think you’re high-tech with that QR code on your point of sale signage?

German Company, UNITED ENTERTAIN, is demonstrating a digital signage and point of sale display system that utilizes full video 3D– no glasses necessary.

The optimized 3D-System is specially developed for broadcasting 3D advertisement and 3D infotainment at the Point of Sale/POS, enabling advertisers to utilize the 3D trend for innovative and emotional brand communication.

The autostereoscopic advertising system is said to provide breath-taking animations and effective moving-image-content in 3D throughout different perspectives in narrow distance. Historically, the technology has only been able to provide optimized viewing at about 3 to 4.5 meters, the screens were dark, expensive and rendered useless in the wrong light.

“3D of good quality with manageable costs will have a great chance in national moving image network” says media entrepreneur, Frank Buddenhagen, CEO and co-founder of UNITED ENTERTAIN.

The system is being introduced at this year’s CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions, and will consist of a high class and luxury plastic case and, subject to model, single or both-sided autostereo-screens starting 21.5 inch. A high-performance play-out-system assures high class and steady delivery of the 3D content. Directly via UMTS, and in future via LTE (4G-Technologie), the system will be managed, and served remotely via Advertising/Content-Management-System (ACMS) without complex and localised network wiring.

No word as to when this technology will hit US markets.


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