Future POS Announces Feature Rich Cloud Based Back Office

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Future POS is excited to announce the release of their Feature Rich Cloud Based Back Office. Unlike most of the current Cloud Solutions being pitched to restaurateurs, Future POS brings 20 plus years of technology experience and does cloud right. According to company founder and President, John Giles, “By using Future Cloud Technology, Future POS customers can experience the power of controlling their businesses back of the house whenever and wherever they choose. Operators can access data from any web browser capable tablet, laptop, or mobile device thanks to Future POS’s modern responsive layout and designs. The Future POS v6 robust Cloud application lets you truly run your business easily and effectively without limitations.”

Key features that only Future Cloud offers include:


Restaurateurs will enjoy powerful, user friendly data controls for easy access to their back of the house data. Users can take advantage of an advanced view available on all Cloud maintenances for powerful Excel like grid view of their data. Quickly filter data down and apply multiple updates to multiple rows all at the same time.


With Future Cloud dashboard functionality, it’s easy to turn custom reports into a docked visual representation of your data. See the numbers that matter to you the most at a glance by making use of an intuitive drag and drop interface.



Unlike many of the start-up Cloud Based POS systems currently on the market that update the cloud every so often, Future Cloud uses Real-time SQL data replication which means you have an up to the minute copy of your data that is available from any internet connected device that has a web browser.  Because Future POS incorporates a store server, when the internet goes down you can still run local full system data reports unlike a typical cloud offering which has limited functionality when the internet is down.

3 Realtime


Future POS has brought to market a data analytics tool that is beyond compare.  Also known as the Report Writer, it’s a drag and drop interface that allows users to create any report they want to give them full visibility of their business. This isn’t some 3rd party bolt on tool – it’s a fully integrated, purpose-built power tool for Future POS users.


Giles also went on to say “Future POS has always reinvested in the latest technology and we are proud to have produced a Cloud solution that is second to none.”

Click to visit the Future POS website.

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