Future POS Announces New “Remote Control”


Today on the PointofSale.com blog, we bring you an announcement from the folks at FuturePOS.  They have created a new application for use in the restaurant/food service and hospitality industries that uses mobile technology to give restauranteurs greater control over their POS operations “remotely.”  Below is the announcement from FuturePOS.  What do you think?  Would this be useful for your business?  Let us know in the comments below!



Ever wish there was a remote control for your restaurant business? Well stop wishing, and start mobile managing, because Future POS Remote Control has arrived.

 While the restaurant industry has shown a keen interest in the commercial application of smartphones, the majority of the focus has been placed on the end customer. Whether it is for easier order entry, mobile payments, digital rewards systems or access to reviews, the development of mobile apps has been a highly anticipated trend for smartphone users looking to enhance their dining experiences. Future POS has made relevant contributions in several of these areas, including our Tabbedout mobile payment interface and our newly released mobile ordering app.

Restaurateurs have revolutionized foodservice as we know it by taking risks and embracing innovations that improve the dining experience for their customers. Considering all of their hard work, isn’t it about time that they get an app that makes life easier for them?

We thought so. Our POS software already offers numerous ways for owners to stay connected to their business, such as text alerts and surveillance integration. Now, we have taken things one step further on the convenience spectrum by developing a groundbreaking mobile app that allows restaurateurs to regulate and monitor critical operational metrics from their smartphone – Future POS Remote Control.

App Appeal

What’s so great about the app? For starters, it gives a detailed snapshot of your business by combining advanced POS reporting features with enhanced mobile functionality. Future POS Remote Control delivers on-the-go access to store-level data, providing added flexibility to management. With Future POS Remote Control, users have the ability to:

  • Link one phone to multiple store locations
  • Update menu item prices
  • Send messages directly to the staff or POS system
  • View useful comparison data of sales and labor

The app features five scrollable screens of configurable reports and charts, allowing you to incorporate up to 25 widgets (shortcuts through which reports can be viewed). Not only does Future POS Remote Control keep you current on your business operations, but it allows you to make managerial decisions remotely.

When you’re running any form of business, having constant, reliable communication is key; hence the heavy adoption of smartphone technology. It wouldn’t make sense to create a mobile management app that doesn’t somehow give operators the ability to communicate with their business, now would it?

That’s why with Future POS Remote Control’s Message Maintenance, owners can send a text or email message to selected employees without needing to save their contact information. This feature also allows for communication with the actual POS, and there is no limit to the number of stores that can be paired with the app.

For busy operators who can’t be physically present at their restaurant 24/7, this app offers a convenient way to stay connected with staff by sending out important announcements and alerts. Future POS Remote Control essentially gives users the ability to perform all of the core management functions without having to lug around multiple communication devices and perform unnecessary check-ins. Everything is available right there in the app.

 VSR Magazine’s 2012 POS Study revealed that when respondents were asked the question: “What are the top technology features for your next POS solution?,” 75% selected mobile POS capabilities. It is evident that mobility is a top-of-mind issue for business owners, which is why POS-related applications that allow for improved operational productivity and simplified maintenance are more critical than ever.

Change the way you utilize your POS system by turning on the power of easier management with Future POS Remote Control.