POS System Cards a Hole in One For Country Club & Golf Course

Cary Country Club


Cary Country ClubCary Country Club selected Future POS for mobile credit card processing, loyalty program support, complete system integration, and the convenience of remote operations review.

Cary Country Club, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, is one of the premier scenic golfing destinations in Illinois. Established as a public golf course in the 1920’s, Cary provides both experienced and novice golfers with unique challenges. In addition to an 18-hole golf course, there’s a pro shop and a full service restaurant with a bar that also accommodates special events (like wedding receptions and holiday parties), banquets, and private meetings.

Depending on the weather in the spring and fall, the golf season in this part of the country begins in March or April and concludes in October or early November. That leaves five months where the golf course is quite busy. Once the golf season is over, the restaurant opens to members and the general public on Fridays and Sundays and on other days for scheduled special events.

Like most public and private courses, the country club employs several people to pilot beverage or “beer” carts out on the course for the convenience of the golfers. Players can grab a cold drink while moving from one hole to the next and without interrupting their round of golf. Traditionally, these carts would only accept cash, but the availability of mobile credit card readers could mean increased sales volume for the club and more convenience for the golfers.

The Challenge

Cary’s existing point-of-sale (POS) software had reached maximum functionality, but lacked some important features. “Fore Reservations (the existing software) was really set up to run a golf club and a small snack shop, whereas we’re running a full service restaurant and we were really pushing (the POS system) to its max and there were a lot of things it couldn’t do for us,” restaurant manager Debra Grochocinski says. “That’s the reason we switched to Future POS.”

The golf club also wanted a way for golfers to have the option of swiping their credit cards at the beverage carts out on the course. And the restaurant offered the perfect platform for a loyalty program, rewarding patrons who came in frequently to eat.

The Solution

Cary got all these things and more with the upgraded POS system, although employees have yet to reap the full benefits of the two handheld units out on the course. POS Partners installed a wireless network on the golf course, covering the areas where the beverage carts would go, and added antennas to the carts to complete the connection.

Cary Country ClubThe Future POS software integrates all the restaurant operations, from inventory to operations and even the proper application of sales tax. Future POS also pulls in the retail operations of the pro shop, with the ability to offer varying discounts to club members. And the security cameras integrated with DVR software provide an extra level of review.

The Benefits

Grochocinski praises the new Future POS system for the robust reporting capabilities. “We can track things better, I can go back and look at reports,” she says. “I can see what’s selling and what’s not. I can see my top end and bottom end sellers. The Future POS system gives me a lot of flexibility to analyze a lot more information (than in the past).”

She’s also enthusiastic about the ability to keep tabs on the ebb and flow of customers using remote monitoring on her mobile phone, instead of having to be at the club. She can see whether staffing levels are adequate, troubleshoot problems employees may be having, and simply get a better picture of the daily operations.

Cary Country ClubRestaurant customers now have access to a loyalty program with Future POS. “The rewards application is something that they can sign up for and then the more they come in and have dinner, the more they earn,” Grochocinski says. “For every $40 they spend, they get a $5 coupon that’s good during another visit.”

She and the general manager are looking forward to next season when the rollout of handheld units with the beverage carts will be complete. They anticipate stronger beverage sales and more accurate tracking of the brands sold.

POS Specifications

Cary’s Future POS system includes multiple strategically placed security cameras along with Talon Digital Video Recording (DVR) software. There’s a camera showing all transactions on the main cash register, and others keeping tabs on the restaurant, the patio, and places around the club requiring enhanced security. The cameras and DVR software integrate with the POS system by saving a record of every transaction. And owners and managers have the option of remote monitoring via web browser or smart phone.

Three wireless Widefly WF-35 handheld PDA’s are deployed on the restaurant patio and with the two beverage carts out on the golf course. Lightweight and measuring just four inches by six inches, the handhelds provide an avenue for mobile payment processing, encouraging beverage purchases.

About POS Partners

POS Partners serves Illinois and Wisconsin in addition to the Chicagoland area, and specializes in point of sale systems for the hospitality industry. Each client works with a dedicated Relationship Manager who provides support as long as they need it. POS Partners also offers ongoing software development and enhancements, and cutting edge client training.

POS Partners understands that hospitality technology is never static, which means that clients receive as much support once the system is up and running as they do during installation.

About Future POS

Future POS is a powerful point of sale software solution designed for the hospitality industry. Their handheld devices offer increased efficiency and mobility for employees while giving customers faster and more convenient service. And they feature the same robust software as tethered terminals with the addition of credit card processing and receipt printing right from the portable unit.






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