Garden Fresh Beefs Up Loss Prevention

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Improve Loss Prevention, Increase Revenue

Although increasing sales may be difficult in the current economy, many companies have found a way to bulk up the bottom line—better loss prevention.

One such company is Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp., operator of 120 salad buffet-style restaurants under the Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes brands. The company is averaging an additional $920 in profit per month at the sites where Envysion Insight has been deployed. Envysion’s point of sale (POS) integrated video surveillance scales the capabilities of their loss prevention department and leverages business insights to improve operational performance. Envision says that its customers enjoy a 10-15% profit increase on average.

“The Envysion Insight solution allows me to view video and integrated exception reporting of our restaurants, so I can increase my loss prevention effectiveness and efficiency through remote site auditing and investigating potential fraud or theft,” said Jamie Knight, director of asset protection for Garden Fresh.  “Within three months we realized a material improvement in gross profit.  We’re averaging an increase of about $920 in profit at each Envysion site every month.  Assuming we see those results as we roll out the Envysion solution across our locations, the impact could add up to millions of dollars per year.”

Envysion Insight surpasses traditional security and loss prevention applications by integrating managed video surveillance with POS systems. In addition to the customary benefits of video surveillance – increased security and reduced loss from vandalism, theft and unfounded liability claims – Envysion Insight automatically tracks potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons.  The Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) solution makes video surveillance accessible by the entire organization, fostering a company-wide responsibility for loss prevention.  Through a new approach to managed video called Insight Marketplace, customers can further the impact of Envysion Insight with a variety of loss prevention services delivered by expert, third party partners.

“We are excited to provide Garden Fresh with a solution that will immediately enable them to improve profitability and expand critical loss prevention efforts.  Our video POS integration system will enable Garden Fresh to better identify, track, examine and curtail negative activity and drive savings to the bottom line,” said Matt Steinfort, president and CEO of Envysion.

News of companies implementing and benefitting from improved loss prevention systems has been flying in across the newswire as of late. They say necessity breeds invention, right? Well, if you can’t make more money, why not find a way to hold on to more of what you do have?


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