GiftLogic Now Integrates with Bluefin Payment Systems

GiftLogic successfully completed the payment certification process with Bluefin Payment Systems, enabling the company to integrate its point of sale system with Bluefin’s payment processing systems. Bluefin is the leading secure payment solutions provider and Participating Organization of the PCI Security Standards Council.

According to a representative from GiftLogic, “We have increased our coverage of payment processing with Bluefin Payment Systems, integrating the PAX S300 directly into the GiftLogic software.”

The PAX S300 is a small device with both EMV and PCI-Validated Point-to-Point Encryption, enabling merchants to combat card-present credit card fraud, reduce costs associated with fraud and chargebacks, and better safeguard their customers’ data from security breaches.

“Since the PAX S300 integrates with GiftLogic, cashiers can ring up sales and accept EMV payments directly from within the software,” the representative explained. “When the card information is dipped, swiped, or manually keyed, a secure, encrypted transmission takes place to authorize the charge — all seamlessly.”

The credit card data remains encrypted within the point of sale software, rendering it useless to hackers.

“Security breaches affect merchants of all sizes and can seriously erode trust from consumers,” the representative added. “Integrating Bluefin Payment Systems into GiftLogic provides merchants with one more important tool to elevate and secure their businesses.”

About GiftLogic

GiftLogic Point of Sale Software is a comprehensive point of sale solution for small and medium-sized retailers. It includes features on par with those used by major retailers, such as inventory management, purchasing, reordering, sales management, CRM, and more, and is easily customizable to match each merchant’s unique needs.

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