Global Merchants Welcome New-Generation Chinese Tourists with UnionPay Card Services

SHANGHAI, Oct. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — 6 million Chinese tourists are expected to visit foreign countries during the Golden Week from October 1. According to the latest analysis of China Tourism Academy, compared with previous years, the new-generation Chinese tourists of outbound tourism, instead of spending much time in shopping, they prefer activities such as self-driving, performance, special food and entertainment etc. This trend makes more overseas merchants to improve the purchasing experience of Chinese tourists, such as highlighting UnionPay card service.

As reported by Australian Financial Review, Chinese tourists visiting Australia have moved their attention from luxuries to high-class restaurants, serviced apartments and museums. For instance, The Meat & Wine Co has witnessed remarkably increasing Chinese tourists after accepting UnionPay.

Besides, more merchants and tourism sectors have realized the significance of UnionPay card service in attracting Chinese tourists. The two largest European hotel groups have collectively accepted UnionPay, including 200 stores of Louvre and 110 of Accor; Greek merchants initially accept UnionPay Mobile QuickPass, which supports micro payment without verifying password and signature, enabling UnionPay cardholders to pay with their mobile phones; DLVA in Provencce endeavors to establish the “UnionPay Payment Demonstration Towns”, and tourists will use UnionPay cards there conveniently.

UnionPay cards, featuring familiar, secure, convenient and preferential, undoubtedly become the first choice for Chinese outbound tourism. The extensive acceptance scope of UnionPay covered 162 countries and regions, including almost all tourism destinations favored by Chinese as Latin America, Central Asia and Africa. Currently, more than 21 million merchants and 1.5 million ATMs outside mainland China accept UnionPay cards.

During the Golden Week, many Chinese tourists have shared their purchasing experience in Kyoto’s art stores, German local stores and American gas stations etc. As self-service travel and experience travel become popular, UnionPay card acceptance network has expanded from sightseeing and shopping to catering, supermarkets, transportation and entertainment, objectively supporting diversified travelling patterns of Chinese tourists.

Exclusive privileges constitute another reason. Over 200 globally well-known merchants in 33 popular tourism destinations cooperate with UnionPay International during the National Day to launch discount up to 40% off for UnionPay cardholders. Exclusive privileges of UnionPay cards are numerous in quantity and extensive in scope. Discount of UnionPay cards is generally the maximum in the same merchant. For Chinese tourists, no currency conversion fee is very substantial., now in its 8th year, does not sell products or services and we rely on sponsors to keep the site up. We are independently owned and operated. Please visit the POS software pages and POS hardware pages (see left side menu above) to find great POS products from various vendors. For more info, contact us through the Footer menu below.

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