Going green and saving money, A perfect match in a POS printer

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If there are two phrases that business owners hear everywhere, it is these:

1. Go green

2. Save money

Ideally, we’d all like to do just that (go green and save money), but the relationship between saving the earth and saving a few dollars is one that defines the idea of “taking things slowly.” While many industries are working hard to make strides so that all parties are happy, the changes usually don’t happen quickly enough. Of course, business owners would prefer to cut costs while cutting out non-green practices, but cost savings usually emerge victorious, in a way serving up the old adage it’s not you, it’s me to the other, planet-friendly choice.

Leave it to Epson to find a way to marry the environmentally conscious with the budget-watchers. Long known as a company committed to both reducing costs and meeting environmental goals, Epson has a long history of achievements in protecting the environment and is now one of the leading environmental companies in the world—it’s no wonder that this company would be the one to develop a cost-saving, advanced technology that automatically saves paper.

Small business owners always look for ways to run an efficient, economical operation while still offering customers the best quality products. Sometimes it pays to cut costs on the items that do not really matter in the end, but what about your receipts? How could you even go about doing that without comprising the information contained on said receipts? Receipts are valuable to both you and your customers—how else would customers be able to return or exchange purchases or have a record of payment?

The truth is this: there’s a way to use less receipt paper and still manage to include all pertinent information on a receipt of sale: the Epson TM-T88V Printer.

The printer comes with a built-in setting that allows you to save receipt paper. Here’s how it works: the printer eliminates useless white space above and below your text and graphics (including margins) and thus decreases the overall size of your receipts without decreasing the readability of the receipt. The quality and readability of the information remains intact because with this paper-saving setting, the size of your graphics and font doesn’t change (unlike other so-called space-saving printers that condense and decrease text and images).

The TM-T88V was the first POS thermal printer to be ENERGY STAR qualified and is the most energy efficient in its class. Epson conducted power consumption tests on single-station printers sold in the United States [including Epson, Star, IBM, NCR, Citizen, Bixolon, and Ithaca] and found that the TM-T88V used between 13% and 89% less power than other printers in its class did. The printer also reduces the creation of carbon dioxide emissions over the life of the printer. As far as printers go, this printer offer the greenest option available to date.Epson saver2a

And there’s even better news yet: you may already have this printer, and if you do, it is only a matter of changing your settings for you to start saving paper (and saving money). You don’t need to make any application changes at all since the paper-saving settings are easy to use and can be done right out of the box without changes to your application. Plus, all of the printing can take place on standard 80mm receipt paper, which means that there’s no need to go out and purchase 58mm receipt paper or any other kind—you can use what you’ve already purchased.

So, how much money can you save with this printer setting, exactly? Assuming you set the printer at 75% reduction mode, you can estimate $300 in savings/printer within five years—and that translates more than two hundred fewer pounds of paper that you will need to buy. Following this idea, businesses that use 1,000 printers can stand to save more than $300,000 in five years.

One thing is certain: Epson has found a way to make the relationship between environment and economy work.

You can find out which TM-T88V configurations are ENERGY STAR qualified at pos.epson.com/products/TM-T88V.htm. or visit pos.epson.com/energytest for more information. 

Special thanks to Amir Najari, Mark Wagner and Luis Artiz at Epson for their help in preparing this article.

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