Grocery Retailers Must Fulfill New Store-Oriented Requirements to Compete with Amazon

According to a new white paper from BRP, grocery shoppers want enhanced service, lower prices, higher quality, more personalized loyalty rewards, and more choices in how they shop and checkout. They also want assurance that “speed of service” will always be a priority – whether with a cashier through a traditional checkout line, mobile apps, self-service checkout lanes or even no checkout at all (e.g., Amazon Go). 

“Grocery retailers are keenly aware that without the IT and operational investments necessary to support these critical, customer-demanded changes, the threats represented by so many direct and indirect competitors, such as Amazon, could be devastating,” said Scott Langdoc, vice president at BRP. “No matter how extensive and complex the technical, operational or competitive changes to the grocery customer experience, nothing will ever be as important to the intersection of shopper satisfaction and profitable operation as speed of checkout.“

While the competitive threats facing traditional grocery retailers in 2017 and beyond are extensive, so too are the capabilities available in technology-driven software solutions ready to redefine the grocery customer experience – blending both efficient service with personalized engagement, and driving a big wedge into the gap between grocery market leaders and industry laggards. 

At the center of ANY customer experience strategy is the need to find and deploy a next-generation grocery POS platform. When considering a new grocery POS software platform against the backdrop of market pressures and stakeholder-oriented strategic priorities, it is imperative to orient your POS assessment around a defined set of key functionality and technology capabilities. 

Download this free white paper, Defining a Next-generation Grocery POS Platform Strategy, which highlights the ten important selection criteria that should be central to any grocery POS evaluation:

The Defining a Next-generation Grocery POS Platform Strategy paper was sponsored by Fujitsu.

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