Groupon To Exit Point of Sale Business?

  A story by Jason Del Ray for  (Re/Code) says that Groupon is evaluating leaving the point of sale business and focusing its efforts in other niches. 

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Groupon’s iPad restaurant solution is called Breadcrumb.   See more about that here:

 We expect to see other new entrants to the POS retail and hospitality world exit the space this year as well.  While barriers-to-entry seem low, once you get past the fun of snagging the low hanging fruit (the first few hundred sales), POS is hard!  Good solutions are built over years, not months.   

From another perspective, this action is consistent with maturity in the lifecycle of a company – eventually investors are bored with the sizzle they were sold, and are looking for the steak.    We’re betting many investors are going to be left without a satifying steak when the dust settles on the last six years of venture investments.