GTS’ new Test & Replace Technology Cuts Retail Labor, Inventory, and Service Costs Fast

Release date: January 15, 2017

Global Technology Systems (GTS), a well-known designer and manufacturer of mobile batteries for rugged mobile devices, announced that its unique Test & Replace™ technology has been proven to save its retail clients considerable costs that are incurred by retaining bad mobile batteries in their operations. Right now major retailers and logistics organizations around the world are saving on their labor costs, battery inventory costs, and service costs just by using this patent-pending, innovative technology.

“We have been gratified to learn of the dramatic cost savings being achieved by our clients,” said JR Rodrigues, VP of Marketing for GTS. “Our clients are many of the Top 10 retailers and logistics companies who all have very robust mobile operations, so their success is a strong indicator of the value that our Test & Replace™ technology offers.”

Bad batteries, of course, are the bane of retail mobile operations. Employee downtime during shifts, excess battery inventory, and inflated service costs are typically the result of keeping batteries in operation beyond their useful lifetime. The new GTS Tester and Mobile App technology allows retail organizations to quickly test their mobile batteries, remove the bad ones, and replace them with new batteries to cut costs immediately.

One large retail client was dealing with over 100% of its mobile devices being sent in for repairs each year (some were sent more than once.) Analyses showed that 30% of these repair requests were because the battery, not the device, was bad. The GTS Test & Replace™ technology allowed them to stop these unnecessary repair requests, thereby saving considerable costs and inconvenience. Another large retail client reported that 90% of its Help Desk calls disappeared after they implemented the Test & Replace™ program.

“In less than half of an employee’s day per year, an organization can test its batteries and eliminate the well-known problems caused by bad batteries,” said Rodrigues. “And, the Test & Replace™ technology is free to qualified retailers and logistics companies. We just ask that you buy your new replacement batteries from GTS.”

About Test & Replace™

The innovative GTS Tester and Mobile App allow your staff, or GTS, to easily and efficiently identify, remove, and replace bad batteries right onsite. The cost savings are dramatic and can be demonstrated “live” at a client’s facility in as little as twenty minutes. The demonstration only takes about 20 minutes because each battery can be tested in 3-5 seconds with our unique technology.

About GTS

GTS is the trusted expert in mobile power technology. We’ve earned this reputation through the design and manufacture of high-performance batteries, chargers, and power management technologies for mobile devices including two-way radios, mobile computers, barcode scanners, and portable printers. Because of their outstanding performance and unmatched quality, our batteries are trusted by leading retail organizations, logistics companies government agencies, and public safety officials around the globe. Our staff of experienced engineers thinks about mobile power 24 hours a day so you don’t have to.

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