Handheld Solution Boosts Sales at Legends Sports Bar


How can an already famous sports bar and restaurant increase sales, speed up service, improve accuracy, better satisfy customers, and glean more tips?  By improving their point of sale, of course.   

The Legends Sports Bar, in Long Beach, California, is all about providing the best experience for their customers.  Since former Rams offensive lineman Dennis Harrah established the bar in 1979, Legends has been the most popular place to watch any sporting event in Southern California. They have over 30 HDTV’s, personal screens at each dining room booth, 3D televisions in their upstairs Sky Box, and most impressively, their 326-inch HD projection screen–the largest commercial, non-theatrical HD screen in the United States.  

With draws like that, can a simple POS system improvement really make an impact on the bottom line?  According to owner Gene Rotondo, it definitely can.  Legends recently implemented the Socket SoMo® 650 handheld computer for tableside ordering of food and beverages, following the recommendation of Digital Dining reseller, Hospitality Technology Systems (HTS).   Speaking of their experience thus far with the SoMo 650, Rotondo states, “They do make a difference in your business — our wait staff has seen a 15 percent increase in their sales, and they’re able to focus more on fast, accurate delivery of food and beverages, which improves customer satisfaction and increases their tips.”SocketSoMo650

The SoMo 650, from Socket Mobile, Inc., allows staff to bring the point of sale to the people.  Customers don’t even have to wait for a commercial or get out of their seats to order another drink or appetizer.  Staff are already on the floor, waiting to take their order, and can even swipe their credit card right on the spot.  

According to Dave Bledsoe, Senior product manager of handheld computing products at Socket Mobile. “The price, performance and ergonomics of the SoMo 650 make it the ideal solution for tableside ordering and payment processing for the hospitality industry.”  

Since the SoMo 650 seems to be spreading cheer at Legends Sports Bar among staff and customers alike, we’ll raise our glasses to that.

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