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8 Critical Questions Every Merchant Should Ask

There’s much more to selecting a POS system than personal interaction and money. The POS is a means of tracking sales and inventory, loyalty preferences and benefits, dispensing promotional opportunities, and is the window through which management views store or restaurant activity. More recently, it has come under the microscope for fraud, shrink, and security concerns. This eBook answers eight critical questions every merchant should ask when selecting a POS system

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The Real Costs of Running an eCommerce Site

What many future online retailers don’t realize is that the cost of software isn’t simply the initial price plus licenses. In reality, the usability, scalability, time-tomarket and many other factors will affect ongoing direct and indirect costs over the entire product lifecycle. This lifetime price is known as total cost of ownership (TCO). This paper compares the TCO of the two most widely used eCommerce solution types: Open-Source and Software-as-a- Service (SaaS). 



pos system restaurantFind the Best POS System for your Restaurant in 3 Easy Steps

The Selection of a POS System is a Critical Decision that You and Your Business will Have to Live With for Many Years, We Can Save You Time, Money and Aggravation!

The Wrong POS System Will Crush Your Business, Get a Free Second Opinion

  • DEFINE your POS system requirements based on your management style, restaurant type and facility limitations.
  • COMPARE only the POS systems that meet or exceed your defined POS requirements.
  • NEGOTIATE the Programming, Training, Onsite Support, Staging, Shipping, Warranty, Ongoing Service and Support in addition to the Investment.

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