High Powered POS System by IBM for Speedy Transactions


IBM has long been a leader in the technology industry, creating and manufacturing not only top of the line computers but also point-of-sale technology. IBM introduces the SurePOS 700 point of sale system which is a high powered POS system for retail stores and supermarkets, offering the highest possible performance while keeping business costs low.

The SurePOS 700 is even more energy efficient than their previous 500/600 model, with up to 30 percent in energy savings. That is a great benefit for any business which has to deal with high energy bills each month. Both POS system models have a deep-sleep automation feature, but what the SurePOS 700 model offers is faster scanning and bar code processing in addition to minimizing costs for businesses. With faster scanning ability, retail stores can maximize the number of items scanned per minute while the cashier checks out the customers. Like the SurePOS 500/600 model, the new 700 POS system is IBM Retail Hardened, which means that it has been tested to withstand extreme temperatures, in addition to liquid spills, and radio waves. Being resistant to spills makes this POS system perfect for use in restaurants without having to worry about damaging the system. Carry-out restaurants will find the SurePOS 700 to their advantage, as will grocery stores and any other business that relies upon food products for the majority of their profits.

The sleek, tool-free design of the SurePOS 700 has a removable front panel which allows for easy access to every component in the system. Should any parts of the POS system need replacing, they can easily be installed through this panel. This great feature helps cut down on time spent on repairs. There are also security patches available that will prevent the system from being hacked into. The POS system system has high-bandwidth Ethernet, fast automatic configuration that will allow any business to set up in minimal time and eight different SurePorts that permits USB connections to existing peripherals. With a POS system like the SurePOS 700, the latest software applications can be used with it, whether it is TouchSuite, Iridium, or IBM. Also, this POS system is made from recycled plastics, making it a choice that any environmentalist will be happy to invest in.

IBM has been in business since 1911 and is based in Armonk, New York. Founded by Thomas J. Watson, IBM was the result of a merger of three companies that supplied state-of-the-art technology to offices across the nation. The company is one of the highest ranked global providers of technology solutions by Fortune magazine.

Photo Courtesy of IBM.


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