Hotel Parking Integrated with POS System


POS and Parking at Hotels

An integration between Shift4 Corporation, North America’s largest independent provider of payment gateway services, and Service Tracking Systems, Inc., the inventor of popular valet parking technology Computerized Valet Parking System (CVPS) makes life easier for hotels and hotel guests.

Shift4 and CVPS clients will soon have one less arduous task to deal. The companies’ integration will allow their mutual clients to integrate CVPS with Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway.

Previously, parking payments had to be processed, audited, and reported separately. With this new integration, the process is simplified. The systems operate cohesively. Guests’ charges can be billed directly to their rooms, and non-hotel guests can be immediately charged through the hotel’s POS system — with their payment data securely processed and archived by Shift4.

“This brings one more function of the property under the Shift4 umbrella, and thanks to Shift4’s auditing functionality, puts additional information right at the fingertips of the financial controller,” said Bob Lowe, Shift4’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.

The integration is already in place and functioning at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and is now available to all Shift4/CVPS mutual clients upon request.

“CVPS has always provided us with technologies that simplify our day-to-day operations,” said Ali Elmi, Valet Manager at Fontainebleau. “This integration with Shift4 extends that same simplicity and ease of use to our management and accounting staff.”

“Expanding CVPS interfaces with Shift4 to meet our clients’ needs has always been a top priority,” said Kai Schuette, CEO of Service Tracking Systems, Inc.

This integration between CVPS and Shift4 streamlines processes, increases guest information security and overall makes running a property easier, a win-win for all involved.


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