House Committee For Small Business Hosts Meeting Without Small Business Owners

Editors note :  subsequent to the press release below we received a communication from the House Committee listing several small business owners who did testify at the meeting.  Thanks for sharing.

Ms. Jami Wade
Owner Capitol City CORK and Provisions & Capitol
City CinemaJefferson City, MO

Mr. Keith Lipert, Owner
Keith Lipert Gallery
Washington DC
*Testifying on
behalf of the National Retail Federation
Mr. Jared Scheeler
Managing Director
The Hub Convenience Stores, Inc.
Dickinson, ND
*Testifying on behalf of National Association of Convenience Stores
Art Potash
CEO Potash Markets Chicago, IL



Without Substantive Discussion of Chip and PIN at Small Business Committee Hearing on EMV Transition, Legislators Again Miss the Mark

WASHINGTON – The House Committee on Small Business will convene today at 11:00 a.m. for a hearing titled, “The EMV Deadline and What it Means for Small Businesses: Part II.” The hearing follows a similar discussion on October 7, which remarkably did not feature the testimony of small business owners or retailers. Like the previous edition, legislators will focus on the nationwide shift to Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) chip technology geared towards upgrading credit card security in the United States by phasing out magnetic stripes in favor of a chip. “The upgraded technology is designed to protect against cybercrime and fraud,” the Committee writes on its website. “Small businesses that have not installed the new technology will be more vulnerable to cyber threats and they will be held liable for certain incidents of fraud.”

Debra Berlyn, the President of Consumer Policy Solutions and leader of the consumer education campaign ProtectMyData – a vocal supporter of the need for chip and PIN technology, rather than chip and signature – issued the following statement in preparation for the hearing:

“Chairman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio-01), Ranking Member Nydia Velazquez (D-NY-07) and the complete House Committee on Small Business should be applauded for giving credit card security the attention it deserves. Too many American consumers are subjected to fraud every year due to woefully outdated technology that has been in place for the past four decades. But just as we saw in the Committee’s previous hearing on October 7, which did not include the perspective of retailers, Congressional leadership appears to be missing the mark once again. Any transition that keeps in place a worthless signature instead of a PIN – a decision made by the financial community in an effort to save money and protect profits – ignores the elephant in the room.”

“Banks and credit card companies have spent handsomely to misleadingly characterize calls for chip and PIN a government mandate, but nothing could be further from the truth. Research from Targetpoint Consulting found that 82 percent of consumers support chip and PIN, the standard in every other G-20 nation. ProtectMyData believes Americans deserve the same protections and that characterizing such efforts as a mandate that could perhaps be replaced by future technology is a cop-out that leaves consumers – and the small businesses represented in Congress today – on the hook. Members of Congress must resist the temptation to take the banking lobby’s misinformation campaign at face value and begin asking tough questions.”

“I sincerely hope that those testifying today will aggressively demand the need for a two-prong protection method. After all, these are the businesses that will be left footing the bill for fraud that could have been prevented by a PIN, while the financial community continues to deflect blame and cash in.”

is a consumer education campaign advocating for the implementation of chip and PIN technology for credit and debit cards. It was launched in 2015 by veteran consumer and industry issue expert Debra Berlyn, the President of Consumer Policy Solutions, a firm centered on developing public policies addressing the interests of consumers and the marketplace.