How do I know if my Paper Roll is Thermal Modified?

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Not sure what kind of paper your system is using?
A simple test to figure out whether your paper rolls are thermal paper roll or Bond Paper Roll:

Take about 6 inches of the paper roll you want to test.

You need to do the test on both sides of the paper roll because coat of imaging solutions could be applied to either side of the paper roll.

Try to draw a line by pressing your figure nail on one side of paper roll.

Your paper roll is thermal if you were able to draw a line by pressing your figure nail on it. Otherwise, it is bond paper and you need a Printer ribbon for printing on this type of paper.

Repeat the test on the other side of paper roll.

You may have heard the terms Coated Side Out(CSO) and Coated Side IN (CSI) for thermal paper rolls.

If you were able to draw a line with your finger nail on the outside (top side) of the roll, your thermal paper is CSO.

If you were able to draw the line with your finger nail inside (bottom side) of the roll, your thermal paper is CSI.

P318 220N LMost of the POS printers and Credit card machine thermal paper rolls are CSO. But you have to be very careful when ordering ATM thermal paper rolls since many of them are designed for Coded Side In thermal paper rolls.

A good example for ATM thermal paper roll that is coded side in.

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