How Nonprofits Benefit From POS Fundraising


It’s not unusual to be checking out at a local retail store and the clerk asks if you want to donate to a charitable cause. As a consumer, you can feel put on the spot: perhaps defensive, guilty, or pressured. As the clerk, you may feel uncomfortable as well. After all, the solicitation could be construed as intrusive and the charity might not be one the consumer would ordinarily support. The nonprofit in question could potentially realize fewer donations because of this face-to-face approach to fundraising.

For stores with a dynamic point of sale (POS) system, one solution is a more discreet solicitation on a signature pad screen that allows the consumer an option to donate in a more private and personal way.

One company that offers this technology is Cynergy Data. Their product, DonateWiseNow, has been used successfully to connect small- to mid-sized businesses that support local charities with consumers to support those charities. For those familiar with affinity marketing, this is not a new concept, but the addition of technology has streamlined the process.

With DonateWiseNow, a merchant’s credit card terminal can prompt micro-donations to up to nine various local and national non-profits simply by swiping the credit card and adding a donation to a charity. The amounts are small, but they do make a difference.

One good example is The Streetdog Foundation, selected as a POS charity by pet retailer Hollywood Feed. The regional chain of 18 natural and holistic pet food stores based in Memphis offered consumers an opportunity to support Streetdog, which rescues stray and abandoned animals, provides medical and custodial care, and seeks adoptive homes. A recent news release from Cynergy Data reports that Hollywood Feed customers completing POS transactions with DonateWiseNow contributed $13,000 in the last few months of 2012 and $9,000 more in January 2013, simply by making micro-donations (usually $1-$5 or rounding the transaction amount up to the nearest dollar) while they electronically paid for products and services.

By offering the consumer the option to contribute via a POS transaction, the charity benefits from a recurring donation stream, the merchant gets good PR, and the consumer can discreetly and directly support a cause close to his or her heart.

About Cynergy Data:

Cynergy Data is the exclusive provider of DonateWiseNow and one of the country’s foremost payment services providers, processing in excess of $10 billion annually. Cynergy Data is owned by the Comvest Group, a leading private investment firm focused on providing debt and equity solutions to middle-market companies.





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