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Here at The Point of Sale News, we do our best to bring you the latest information on developing trends and new products for the point of sale industry.  In addition to the content contributed by our staff writers and editor, we also like to include content from guest authors and outside sources.  We get a lot of questions about what kind of content is most appropriate, how to submit, and specific formatting requirements.  In order to clarify some of this information, today we will feature what you need to know to get your content to us to possibly be included in our online and email editions.

What We Want

If you are an expert in POS hardware or software and want to send along an article for us to include in an upcoming edition, first make sure your content is both relevant and properly formatted.  We get a lot of press releases… that’s not enough.  To include your content, we need it to be informational in nature – not just a sales pitch.  Sure, you can include photos of your product/service, and we’ll probably include them in the published piece.  We will also link to your company or solution.  However, the overall feel of the content that you submit should not be that of a sales pitch. 

Let our readers know HOW a particular product or service can serve their businesses.  Make sure they know that your particular product is not the only solution, but one in a field of many (if you don’t do this, we probably will).  Make sure you include a bio of the author/company and a link to your other published works or your personal/business website.

For more information -and to get a copy of the Content Guidelines, please see the Footer menu and click on the Advertise link to download a copy of the media kit. 

Case Studies

Informational pieces are great, but we would particuarly like to have more case studies to publish as original pieces on  If you are a hardware or software provider and want to share a story of how your product or service made a big difference for one of your end users, we would love to hear it.  The following is some specific information on how to submit your case study for publication and what to keep in mind when you are putting it together:

The article should be about an end-user application of the product or service.   It should illustrate how the end user is using it successfully and what benefits the company is receiving.  A four line paragraph about the Reseller who installed the system or product (if applicable), and another four/five line paragraph about the the manufacturer of the product can be added at the end of the article. Details on the hardware and software are required.  Models and version numbers, etc.  The article or case study should be new, not previously published elsewhere.

By submitting content, the manufacturer provides permission for the article to be run on and  This permission includes the right to use any logos or photographs that are provided.   There can be a maximum of four backlinks.  One each for VAR, vendor, end-user, plus one more.  A link to published article must be provided on the vendor/manufacturer’s website as well as the VAR’s website.

Photos MUST be included.  We will not run articles without photos.  These should be low resolution, and the combined size of the photos should not exceed roughly 100kb.   Cell phone photos are generally acceptable. We reserve the right to make edits to the content.

Vendors may submit their own written work, a marketing company may submit it, or we can assign one of our independent writers.  Fees apply, and the article will usually be completed and published within three to four weeks; this timing is subject to change and depends upon the responsiveness of the various parties to questions and requests for photographs.  The article may not be run elsewhere for a period of 90 days.  After that, vendors are welcome to use the material in their own advertising campaigns.

For an example of a recently published case study, click here.

 Reach Out

Though we have a regular network of guest contributors, we are very interested in expanding our ranks.  If you have great content to contribute, get in touch.  Perhaps we can work together to serve our readers and your business.  If you have questions about contributing to, email us at .