How to Find the Best Technology Provider for your Business


Business technology has traditionally been purchased by comparing product features. However, focusing on features has continued to lose the impact it had years ago. This approach was powerful when business technology was new and core business functions were still unaddressed. Today, the average business technology solution either lists a very similar feature set to their competitors or updates within weeks to match. The product that wins in today’s market is no longer the most powerful but instead the best serviced.

The Best Product on the Market

Does this sound familiar?

A salesman enters your business and states that their product offers everything you need.  You are given a list of impressive features from how to view reports from your bathtub to automating your inventory ordering process.  All of these new features sound great, but in the back of your mind you are thinking about the business opening in a few hours, how you are going to find time to finish payroll, and training the staff that started last week.  Your business has needs and this great new system is too much to deal with right now.

For a moment, you think back to the times when your last amazing new product broke on a busy night and everything was handled on pen and paper until it was replaced.  If you needed these features, you would not have had so many satisfied customers that night. 

At this point the salesman is explaining what their product can do beyond their competitor and you cannot help but think that the competitor sounds a lot simpler.  All these extra features mean more to train last week’s batch of new hires.  You are told you need each of these features.  But if these new features are needs, how did you operate all these years?

To make your business profitable you need more revenue than you do expenses.  This is why you might spend an extra few hours comparing vendor lists, or send an employee home early on a slow night.  You need to reduce costs.  You need to increase sales.  All these features sound great but unless you can use them to accomplish these goals they feel more like obstacles than needs.

What to Look For

When you are purchasing a product, you do your homework.  But what do you look for if the products are all the same?  How can you tell the product will solve the problems you face as a business owner today? 

The difference between the average product and the best product available will be in the words used by the industry expert, commonly referred to as a reseller.  Resellers of business technology realize that the true value they can provide is their service. 

How do I know they will provide great service?

A leader in providing business technology will start by asking about your needs.  They will toss aside any previous knowledge or pride in their 30 years of experience to learn from you, the business owner, how they can help.  The sales office will want to learn everything they can about how you operate, what tasks you perform each day, and what you are looking for in a solution.

Buying Success Instead of a Product

In today’s business technology industry, you are not only purchasing a product, you are purchasing a relationship with a provider of services. A reseller must align themselves with the success of a business owner. This relationship will provide the experience, knowledge, and resources to use any product’s features to their fullest advantage to make you, the business owner, more money.

Think of it this way: If you remove all business technology from your business, which tasks change?  The answer is not much. You still need to process purchase orders, track inventory, compare vendors, and negotiate prices. You then stock your business, ensure the business is appropriately staffed and sales are tracked accordingly. All of these things must happen, and whether or not a product or service is used, the tasks remain the same.

It does not matter what technology is used. They have different interfaces, take different steps, and outperform each other in areas, but they are all designed to provide efficiency and cost savings. The true value is in a reseller educating your team to improve efficiency.


There are many products available to improve efficiency in business today. Rather than comparing features between competing products, business owners need to find resellers who align themselves with the success of their customers.

You can find the right reseller for you by visiting our Reseller Listings page.

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