How to Select Cloud-Based POS Software


When it comes to securing point of sale software for your business, it is only natural that you are going to leave no stone unturned. Having a high quality POS solution installed in your business has the potential to make your operation much easier, even to the point where you will see consistent improvements to your balance sheet.

 Cloud based POS solutions have emerged in recent years as a highly favored product within the retail industry. This in itself has helped many businesses, both larger scale companies and independent organizations, to save a great deal of money investing in hardware and other products from developers.  It has also made for significant savings in terms of continuing development and support costs.

 If you have made the decision to use a cloud-based point of sale software, you are already proving you have the ability to think ahead and consider a range of possibilities for taking your business forward. What should you look out for within your cloud POS solution to arm yourself with the tools and the foresight to take this wise decision even further?


While at the moment you may only be a small village store, when you reach your aims to expand to the next town or city, you will need to be able to integrate multi-stores effectively.  Ensure that any cloud POS you are considering enables you to bring other stores online when the time comes so that you can easily monitor from one simple interface.

 Multiple Channels

In the modern day, the vast majority (if not all) retail businesses begin as e-commerce stores. Great POS will enable you to amalgamate the inventory from an e-commerce store and a physical retail store. This is perfect for the store owner who wants to sell online and in-store, and it makes accounting and inventory control much easier.

 Inventory Control

Modern POS software is not effective if there are not accurate inventory control capabilities. Look out for a platform with real time reporting that will allow you to check stock levels throughout the day, keep customers and staff up to date, and allow you to place orders as is necessary.

 Employee Productivity

Cloud POS should always be about so much more than just being able to view sales and inventory online. Enhance the productivity of your business by finding cloud POS with integrated time and attendance systems so you can pro-actively monitor these and manage teams effectively. Further features mean you can integrate task completion, sales, and other key performance indicators relevant to your team. These features will also prove extremely beneficial when you expand to a multiple store format.  

Cloud POS has the potential to revolutionize your business, going much further than simply “scratching the surface” and enhancing your business model in every possible way.

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