Human Kiosks: Serve Customers Through Virtual Engagement


“Human kiosks” sound futuristic but are already changing customer service.


What are human kiosks?

Imagine having a question about your prescription medication late at night and being able to walk into your nearby Walgreens, Target, or Rite Aid (where the pharmacy has closed for the day), tap a screen, and talk face-to-face with a qualified pharmacist without delay.

Or maybe as a business owner or manager you have customers spread across large geographic areas, yet you still want to provide personalized service in specialized areas such as banking, accounting, or tax preparation? Experts can answer questions for your customers via remote kiosks without you having to leave the office. And you’d even have the ability to talk in multiple languages.

To many, these possibilities sound futuristic and unproven, but today they are simply cutting edge technology being harnessed to provide more personalized service and support to customers wherever and whenever they need it. One such name for this technology is the human kiosk.

(Image, top – used with permission from MediaTile)

How do human kiosks work?

The starting point is interactive digital signage, with a consumer searching for a solution. But when customers have questions that go beyond the pre-programmed abilities of the signage application, they may abandon the transaction (and your solution) without taking additional action. That’s where human kiosks come in.

These so called “human kiosks” feature a computer tablet-like format for consumer interaction. By tapping a button on the touch screen, the user accesses a two-way, face-to-face, high definition conversation with a remote expert. This video connection takes place across 3G and 4G networks and employs trained, on-demand experts who are automatically matched based on the consumer’s on-screen selections.

One such solution (combining digital signage with human interaction) that’s revolutionizing in-field customer service is by a company called MediaTile. Here’s a little more about how it works.

“With MediaCast Video Presence and certified HumanKiosk hardware platforms, brands are now able to directly engage consumers, deliver their expert knowledge virtually anywhere, and control the brand-bias in conversations,” said Simon Wilson, CEO of MediaTile. “Our cloud-based system also captures the consumer’s touch-based interactions — providing an invaluable source of consumer intelligence collection at a fraction of the cost as compared to traditional interview methods. We are also seeing evidence that this solution enables brands to create an influential experience while increasing their market reach by a factor of 5 times, at 1/5 the cost of traditional on-site staffing.”

What are the benefits of human kiosks?

And solutions such as these human kiosks offer multiple business benefits for point-of-sale or point-of-service environments across many vertical markets. Here are a few examples.

(1) Ramp up customer engagement via interactive media and face-to-face conversations.

(2) Extend company market reach 4-6 times the current standard using these cloud based, on-demand video agents.

(3) Deploy personnel more efficiently with virtual technology.

(4) Heighten viewer relevance by 4-6 times that of traditional display and print messaging.

(5) Extend chosen solutions virtually anywhere customers can be found, limited only by the available networks.

Human kiosks–something you should try?

Human kiosks with digital signage give customers and businesses alike a venue for deeper interactions, earlier in the relationship. That can only mean more personalized and positive engagement for the brands of today and tomorrow.

Here is a video of how human kiosks work:

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