IHL To Hold Webinar Debunking Retail’s Demise

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Join IHL for a webinar where they Debunk the Retail Apocalypse   

Wednesday, August 30th – 2pm EST

The mainstream press has picked up on the false narrative that traditional retail is dying.  What is the truth?
In the first 7 months US retail has grown $121b in sales and the number of retailers opening stores outnumber those closing by 2-1 margin.
Retail Apocalypse makes for a great headline…but a false one. We’ve done the research…on 2,100+ enterprise retailers – not just a handful that have made the news.
Join IHL’s Kelly Sayre, Lee Holman and Greg Buzek for a webinar on August 30th as we debunk the false narrative of the Retail Apocalypse.  Find out what’s really happening, the trends, the changes, is it all Amazon’s fault (hint…not even close) and what retailers must do to drive customer experience.





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