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Velvet Store POS

ILoveVelvet, a leading provider of technology to enhance the retail customer experience through point-of-sale components, is introducing its suite of solutions to the United States retail market. The technology, a mix of point-of-sale hardware and software, serves luxury brands as well as small and medium-sized retailers, enabling them to execute mobile point-of-sale payments, create a customized in-store experience, enhance product and customer knowledge and advance the training of sales staff.

The Customer Experience

Today, retailers do not only compete with each other — they compete with the ease and personalization of Internet shopping. In a cutthroat market, retailers are looking for ways to attract customers and inspire loyalty, turning a one-time visit into a lifelong relationship. Likewise, customer expectations are evolving to include more personalized service and custom incentives, as well as less wait time.

ILoveVelvet’s mission is to enable retailers to provide this custom shopping encounter while eliminating the payment queue. Customers who opt to allow their purchase history, loyalty card and other information to be stored and accessed by the retailer, in turn, are rewarded with a valuable and engaging one-on-one experience.

The Velvet Suite

ILoveVelvet’s technology, The Velvet Suite, includes both hardware and software components. Compatible with Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods for in-store mobility, the Velvet D-Holster is a comprehensive cradle that allows retailers to scan bar codes and provide smart card and magnetic swipe readers for customer payment and loyalty cards. It also offers a contactless processor to reduce the global payment cycle.

ILoveVelvet’s software, The Velvet Store, enables retailers to create a branded, enhanced in-store experience for customers. With The Velvet Store, customers are offered a personalized, end-to-end encounter via information at the salesperson’s fingertips. Retailers can offer “concierge shopping” to every customer, providing targeted promotions and recommendations based on past purchases. Cardholder information is protected by layers of security in the device as well as the repository aligned with PA DSS expectations.

Additionally, retailers can access their entire catalogue on the device, showing the customer items that may be of interest, as well as accessing details and sales pitches for each product. As a training tool, the software includes the ability to create quizzes for new inventory, ensuring that sales representatives are educated on all products.

ILoveVelvet’s point-of-sale technology not only ensures that customers are serviced quickly and effectively in a way that resonates with them, but also helps sales representatives take advantage of informed upsell opportunities, resulting in more revenue per customer.

“To stay engaged with a brand, shoppers today expect personalized service along with convenience in a retail setting. The evolving U.S. retail market demands a solution that provides customization and meets consumer expectations in the store,” said Patrick Bouaziz, chief visionary officer of ILoveVelvet. “Our offering — which has already experienced significant traction in Europe — is intuitive, customizable and effective. This enables retailers to provide a positive in-store experience, drawing customers back again and again.”{jcomments on}


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