InComm Subsidiary On-Line Strategies Launches Partnership with National Bankcard Services

Prepaid at the Gas Pump

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On-Line Strategies Services, LLC (InComm OLS), a wholly owned subsidiary of InComm, today announced an integration with National Bankcard Services (NBS) that will provide specialized fuel gift card processing at participating fuel retailers.

InComm OLS is an industry leader in payment switch technology, and working with NBS has provided it with an expanded avenue to accept fuel transactions. This integration will give participating fuel retailers the ability to offer the value-added convenience of fuel gift cards to their customers. By branding and marketing fuel gift cards, retailers can provide prepaid options to consumers for an industry that had previously been difficult to access because of its unique payment authorization process.

To enable retailers to redeem fuel gift cards directly at the pump, InComm OLS and NBS partnered to develop a new payment processing integration. Transactions at the pump differ from point-of-sale transactions because of the preauthorization needed to allow a consumer to pick up the pump and begin fueling. This required InComm OLS and NBS to create specific programing through InComm’s switch technology that would ensure the consumer a seamless payment experience while also providing the retailer a cost-effective way to corner this niche of the market.

“We are very excited to be working with NBS to provide a channel for our mutual customers to take advantage of a new InComm product offering,” said Terry Richards, President, InComm OLS. “Our integration enables us to provide product acceptance convenience that meets the needs of both the retailer and the consumer.”

InComm OLS will be working to reach more retailers with this innovative technology. To learn more, visit

About National Bankcard Services (NBS)
National Bankcard Services (NBS) is a leading provider of transaction processing solutions for convenience stores, travel centers and unattended cardlock sites.  NBS is headquartered in Plymouth, MN.  Learn more at

About On-Line Strategies (InComm OLS)
On-Line Strategies (InComm OLS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of InComm that specializes in handling complex and intelligent payment processing for a variety of different retailers, allowing them to focus more on serving their customers. With our main technology, InComm Switch, OLS delivers end-to-end expertise for millions of transactions every day: retail partners integration to payment partners, a software foundation for loyalty programs and performance monitoring. InComm OLS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at

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