IndoorMedia Publishes Advertising Kit

HOUSTON, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — IndoorMedia, the industry leader in local, in-store advertising solutions, today announced it is publishing an advertising kit highlighting and explaining its innovative products. The advertising kit is available for free download at

For more than 30 years, IndoorMedia has helped businesses of all sizes increase their marketing reach. Its solutions stand as an unconventional alternative to traditional print and work as a perfect complement to today’s digital-focused advertising strategies. The end result is a boost to local exposure and an impressive return on investment. IndoorMedia’s new advertising kit details three dynamic products that take its clients’ advertising and marketing efforts to the next level. The three highlighted products are:

  • Register Tapes Unlimited: Advertising and coupons placed on the back of receipts handed to customers at local grocery stores
  • Cartvertising: The placement of full-color ads on the seats and cupholders of shopping carts at grocery stores
  • Strategic Print Solutions: Coupons and promotions printed on the back of receipts that a local business hands to its customers after purchase

“As the industry leader of local advertising solutions, IndoorMedia has spent decades refining and perfecting our products to provide significant ROI and boost our customers’ bottom lines,” says IndoorMedia senior executive Eric Shafer. “With 30 years of expertise, we deliver tailored campaigns that are impactful and cost-effective. The new advertising kit provides a glimpse into success our customers have had and provides the media important details about our product.”

To learn more about IndoorMedia’s powerful in-store advertising solutions, visit

About IndoorMedia
IndoorMedia is the largest in-grocery store advertising company in the U.S. and Canada. We work with small businesses and franchises to help them increase sales and customers through register tape advertising, grocery cart advertising, and custom coupon print solutions. IndoorMedia delivers connections between our customers and theirs with simple-to-implement and proven advertising strategies. For more information, visit , now in its 8th year, does not sell products or services and we rely on sponsors to keep the site up, so please let vendors know when you have seen them here.  
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