Inspiring Women Making Their Mark on the Tech World [Infographic]

For centuries, there were limitations on the careers that women could pursue, or the decisions they could make while employed. For example, having a baby while married could be cause enough for you to lose a job in a traditionally female dominated field such as teaching or nursing.

Fortunately, those formal restrictions and cultural mores have given way to a more equitable pursuit of jobs and advancement. And while some fields are slower to change than others, change is happening.

Take the tech world, sometimes referred to as STEM for science, technology, engineering, and math. Millions of women are pursuing these career paths, and they’re making strides in remarkable ways. Some of them are doing research, some are writing code, and some are finding their way into leadership positions.

Those roles matter, because they give younger women a model to emulate. Read a few of their stories in this graphic.

Infographic by AppDynamics.