Intermec CS40 Handheld Mobile Computers Selected for Passenger Assistance

Intermec CS40 mobile computer

One of the most intimidating aspects of flying for business or pleasure is the mad rush to get from one connecting flight to another. This “commute” is even more challenging for passengers needing special assistance.

Delta Airlines’ Global Services (DGS) division has taken a proactive approach in their hub airport in Memphis, where they provide wheelchair assistance for three terminals and 98 gates. While customer service is the number one goal at DGS, an added incentive is the threat of fines from the US Department of Transportation if someone misses a connecting flight because of slow response to a wheelchair need.

“We typically have 70 minutes to turn 100 planes with 100 to 150 passengers in wheelchairs, but sometimes the numbers increase to 200 or even 250, so every second truly counts,” said Tom Farmakis, DGS VP of Marketing & Business Development. “By the time passengers deplane, we often have less than 25 minutes to transfer people to their connecting gate.”

For time- and cost-savings, DGS turned to Intermec CS40 handheld mobile computers.

A typical scenario has the DGS agent, carrying the handheld mobile computer, meeting the traveler at the gate and scanning the bar code on their boarding pass to record the pick-up. By scanning a bar code in the gate area, the pickup location is also recorded. For pick-ups not at a gate, the information can be manually entered.

“In a 45-minute period, each agent typically handles about five passengers, but sometimes they can handle up to 10,” said Farmakis. “The Intermec CS40 mobile computer scans the boarding pass instantly, every time.”

Upon arriving at the departure gate, agents scan another location code to close that record and send the agent on to the next passenger needing assistance. The system provides automatic and accurate time stamp information.

While cost savings is important to the airline, customer service is equally crucial.

“We’ve been able to improve the customer experience purely because of the Intermec CS40 handheld computer,” said Farmakis. “Thirty seconds to a minute doesn’t seem long, but it can mean the difference between making and missing a connecting flight.”

“Over the years, we’ve had to trade technical capabilities for price, but this is the first time the system is performing as we designed it,” he said. “In less than a month, we began to see the ROI of the Intermec CS40,” he said

The test run of CS40 handheld mobile computers was so successful that DGS plans to use them in more airports nationwide.

“Delta Global Services’ choice of the CS40 handheld mobile computer has helped to further advance their superior customer service initiatives and support their growing operations,” said Earl Thompson, Senior Vice President of Mobile Solutions Business at Intermec “The Intermec CS40 continues to be a best-in-class option to support a fast and efficient mobile workforce.”

About Intermec

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Written by Suzi Harkola

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