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(Editors Note: Invoice2go boasts over 1 million business users, and the app has received a number of positive reviews.  We asked one of our techie type friends to review it for us. Here are his comments.)  

Working for numerous clients, I have the need to create invoices every now and then. And I needed an app that can actually make the process of making an invoice easier. This is where Invoice2go scores for me.

Invoice2go was developed with the purpose making invoicing fast, easy and intuitive – mainly for very small businesses. And it does a pretty fine job at doing just that. Signing up is quick and easy, requiring only the basic information about you and your Company.

Customize freely
Within moments, you’re onto the template menu. The navigation through various menus such as Sign up, Template, Invoice and Settings is smooth as butter for what seems like a fairly light-weight app.  You don’t really need a manual for working with this app – the interface is fairly easy to understand and work on.
Choose from different templates
The template menu allows you to choose the style of your invoice. You get to choose from various options like Lava, Red Shaded, Vanilla, and Contemporary; among others. Each template caters to a certain type of business. For example, Enviro will suit a business dealing with waste management. Such a customization adds great attention to detail.  It also a pleasure to the eyes.
Choose your options
The next and the last step in the setup (which is why this App is perhaps the fastest in its league) allows you to choose whether you wish to add features to your invoice such as shipping fields, product code, quantity & rate and remittance advice in the invoice. As a freelancer, I do not need many features a business might need while creating an invoice, and being able to choose my own options just lets me throw away all unnecessary details to the dustbin.
Invoice2Go scores with its simplicity. If you are a contractor interacting with another business, the app, for instance, can provide advice to the customer to make payments, or provide the customer the rate and quantity information regarding their purchase. In essence, it adds value and transparency to the service you provide and saves you effort by mitigating the possibility of a clueless customer who’s about to call you up for clarification on the invoice.
The Main Features
Let’s look into the main feature of this app, which is to let you create invoices. The best part about creating an invoice using Invoice2go, is that its spic-and-span interface with highly intuitive buttons saves a bucket load of time, without missing out on letting you provide key details like the amount of TAX/VAT, shipping charges, the balance due to be paid, the time period and so on. I could easily fill out details for the work I have done for a client in less than five minutes – something which often takes me ages to do when I didn’t use Invoice2Go.
An interesting feature on offer is the Cloud2Go, which makes you share your invoices across the cloud so you can access your invoice later from any device. Come to think of it, when you are creating an invoice with your mobile, it’s one feature that I need to have.
Best of all,  Paypal too can be integrated into the software, making those who receive or make payments through Paypal (like me) lose little time in making invoices. The learning curve is literally so flat that anyone with average prudence the ability to read and write can create a nearly perfect invoice.
Get what You Want
What I liked is that you can even customize the templates to include the logo of your company, adding more value and personalization to your invoice.  The app also provides features such as adding your own range of products and a customer base to quickly choose from.  Additionally, you can also create Product Estimates, Purchase Orders and Credit Memos, which are all backed by the same interface and are quick and intuitive.
E-mail the invoice
The last step is a button on the top right of the interface which allows for the Invoice (or any other creation of yours for the matter) to be emailed with a touch. Again, the pre-set client base acts as an address book and allows you to choose your invoice recipient within seconds. The invoice is sent in the PDF format and was a pleasure to look at even on our large computer screens.
I often waste a lot of time making invoices for the clients I have worked with. With Invoice2Go, it does save a lot of time as I get a platform ready to build invoices. More importantly, I can make invoices on the go through my mobile in my free time, which increases my productivity.

Invoice2go serves as a multi-purpose app catering to the needs of small business owners who can create anything from an invoice to a credit memo on the fly, without much expertise required. The sleekness, clarity, intuitiveness, smoothness and quickness of the App impressed me to a great extent and I’d fall nothing short of recommending it highly. With a rating of over 4.5 stars in the Google Store, you can easily say that this is one of the better invoice making apps available.
If you are looking for cons of this app, I really couldn’t find any major ones.   There are some things that could have been a bit better,  (as with everything else in life)  but the app covers everything you need in a simple way and that’s where it scores.

There is a free trial, you can create up to 100 free invoices. Invoice2go works with Android devices supporting Android 2.2 and above. It is sized at a decent 23 Mb and is priced at $49 for the Starter version, $99 for the Pro and $149 for the Enterprise version.

By Soubhik Chakrabarti

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