iPad POS Enclosures Offer Security, Durability, and Style

While the Apple iPad’s elegant form and function sets it apart from the tablet crowd, when it moves into the point-of-sale arena, it needs a little help to shine. And that’s where iPad POS cases and enclosures come in. This supporting cast provides both security and protection for the device while in use, and in many cases offers a unique branding opportunity for business owners and advertisers alike.

And since many point of sale enclosures include card readers, there’s a need for secure and versatile cases that can accommodate different types of readers. Here are two of the current players in the iPad POS enclosure market.

iSkidz iPad Enclosures Offer Unique Branding Opportunity

Featured on Gordon Ramsay’s popular cooking show, Kitchen Nightmares, iSkidz offers a complete line of acrylic iPad POS cases, along with custom faceplates. Five models, including one that flips from side to side, a plain countertop case, a spinner, a wall mount, and a basic stand, provide different configurations for  just about any application.

Made of quarter-inch Lucite-brand acrylic, these iPad enclosures are easy on the eyes while getting the job done. Each case is designed around additional elements like card readers and is compatible with both first and second generation iPads.

But the best addition to these POS devices has to be the availability of custom faceplates. The graphics on the faceplates can add plenty of personality, and some business owners realize an additional revenue stream by selling that valuable real estate to advertisers.

iPad Security Cases and More

Along with iPad cases made of wood, leather, and metal, iPad Enclosures also manufactures wall and table mounted enclosures and kiosks. The leather iPad case targets fine dining establishments and bars with extensive wine lists, while the wooden enclosure offers a more informal look.
iPad security case
The tablet enclosures offer a variety of locking mechanisms, including cables and cam locks. Many of the cases restrict the iPad home button, meaning that users must remain in one kiosk application. But the case designs generally offer full access for technicians.

All Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G radio frequencies are unaffected by iPad enclosures, while most operate interchangeably in landscape and portrait mode. Depending on the model, many of the enclosures are manufactured with the necessary screw holes for mounting directly on a table or wall.

Regardless of the application or environment in which the iPad is being used, you’re sure to find a secure enclosure that fits both stylistically and practically.


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