iPad POS Stand EnCloz Security At Lower Price

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Monroe, Connecticut, June 8, 2017 – iPad Stand EnCloz, a POS anti-theft security stand for many startup to large businesses to general display use, that offers many user benefits has been improved and available now at a starting price of just $99.99. Available for all iPad models including the recently released from Apple, the iPad Pro 10.5. 

CEO/Founder Says: “Lower cost and improvements to the iPad POS stand EnCloz product line shows that USA can produce extremely high quality products at a reasonable price”

Features of these USA custom fit stands are the aesthetic slim fit and the ball socket technology that gives the POS stand a sense of style and function. Having a slim fit to the device allows full access to all of the ports and cameras. This access is important to the variety of third party credit card readers that a merchant may need to use. Along with the customer payment, our stands allows full flip to customer for signature, and full continuous rotation landscape to portrait. The base of the stand is made from an extremely heavy steel, weighing 4 pounds. A very stable stand with no need to fasten it down. A standard feature is a base hole for secure fastening to the counter or the optional lock cable hole.

With this release update at a lower price we also made some improvements. The first improvement is the excellent aesthetic finish and feel of the security enclosure itself, now made from black matte Kydex, a superior durable aircraft grade material that exudes quality. Another change Kydex allows is making these already thin custom fit enclosures even thinner, giving you a better sleek look, while providing you even more security. Lastly, we hard fastened an engineered Delrin ball socket for flip to customer signature and full rotation, improving the smooth feel and longevity.

Thought Out Company – thoughtout.biz A leader in premium commercial grade stands and mounts for the elite user and businesses with portable media devices.

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