June20 Launches New Converge Platform to Revolutionize Consumer Retail Experience


 HAYWARD, CA—Nov. 2, 2017— June20, a digital retail display company that combines the tactile gratification of in-store shopping with a content-rich online experience, announced the launch of a new product called Converge. Converge is a technology platform that is changing in-store shopping by adding an interactive digital component that retailers and brands can use to explain complex products, configure design options, discover and compare similar products in a category, or display a range of similar products without sacrificing shelf space.

Converge is a complete retail display with a tablet locked into a rail system. As customers slide the tablet in front of items in the display, the tablet’s camera aligns with a product and automatically displays content-rich media, curated specifically for the in-store shopping experience. Customers can see how-to videos, instructions, consumer reviews, product configurations and additional purchase suggestions. Converge can be configured to meet the needs of any display and is only limited by the amount of product information available.

“We founded June20 to lead the charge in a retail revolution,” said Paul Chapuis, Founder and CEO of June20. “In-store and online have long been two completely different experiences that are totally disconnected. What we’ve seen over recent years is that traditional brick-and-mortar must transform in order to survive and meet the changing needs of consumers. Today’s savvy consumer is demanding rich digital content, deeper product information and the ability to compare products, whether online or in a store. Now, with the launch of Converge, June20 is making significant advances in interactivity and retail display systems that are bringing the best of the online and in-store worlds together and creating a new experience that is groundbreaking for retail.” 

Converge gives brands and retailers a whole new level of in-store data around customer buying behaviors, and customers have the option to send the information on the tablet directly to their mobile device, or move products to their online shopping cart while standing in the aisle.

Converge is currently being piloted in a number of leading retail outlets, including the flagship stores of both Home Depot and Sam’s Club. To date, retailers have seen a 3.5 times lift in sales for products using the Converge system.

About June20

June20 is reinventing the in-store shopping experience with its newest technology platform, Converge. Converge is a digital retail display that elevates the tactile gratification of in-store shopping by adding a content-rich online experience. Customers have access to a variety of online content, specially curated for an in-store experience, keeping them in the retailer’s ecosystem from discovery to purchase, and provides new and powerful insights on customer in-store buying behavior for retailers and brands. For more information visit june20.com

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