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Gordon Ramsey first came to the attention of the American public by yelling at haggard want-to-be head chefs on FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen, which will premiere its tenth season this summer. That’s a lot of yelling. Watching the show, one gets the impression that if Ramsey were to use the phrase, “Restaurant POS,” he probably wouldn’t be referring to an iPad.

Since the success of Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsey has branched out to other shows, including Kitchen Nightmares, which employs point of sale technology. Kitchen Nightmares is essentially a makeover show. Ramsey blows into a failing restaurant and makes its faults clear to the owner—and the viewer. In a recent episode, he watched as the head chef of the target restaurant dropped a piece of chicken on the floor, picked it up, and unapologetically tossed it in a pan to cook. Often the owner or owners of the restaurant are well meaning but overwhelmed, in dire need of Ramsey’s particular brand of tough-love guidance. But by the time the episode ends and Ramsey leaves the restaurant, all is well. No more floor chicken, and the owner has gone from clueless to competent, or is at least on his or her way to competency.

Lately, restaurant POS has been a key element to Ramsey’s makeovers. In a December 7 episode Ramsey tackles Barefoot Bob’s, a beachside restaurant in Massachusetts. After a strong opening summer season, the restaurant began to flounder. Barefoot Bob’s problems ranged from dirty menus and soggy sandwich bread to a husband and wife team of co-owners whose marriage seemed to be spiraling downhill in perfect sync with the restaurant itself.

Ramsey sums up his feelings regarding Barefoot Bob’s with this pithy statement, “Right now this restaurant is a waste of an ocean view.” When he later starts doling out advice, Ramsey tells the owners, “This business needs to be run like a business.”

Enter APG Cash Drawer, “the retail industry’s leading manufacturer of cash drawers and other POS related products.” APG offers a variety of durable and dependable cash drawers that work in combination with point of sale technology. On Kitchen Nightmares, APG Cash Drawer’s products were utilized in conjunction with POS Lavu to help turn around the horrible conditions at Barefoot Bob’s, and were provided by Zephyr Hardware.

When Ramsey holds up the new POS system, the owners and staff of Barefoot Bob’s literally gasp. One server calls their old POS system a “dinosaur,” and refers to the new system as “the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Ramsey points out to the owners that the system keeps an hour-by-hour record of the restaurant’s inventory, and that all data goes straight to their accountant—a big deal for an establishment whose owners didn’t know their bottom line a few days earlier.

Of course, not everything goes smoothly in Barefoot Bob’s grand reopening—it wouldn’t be television if it did. But the drama is human, not technological. The system provided by Zephyr Hardware does its job. The servers grin as they send in orders wirelessly. “I love the new POS system,” says one. “It’s just going to make every single part of the restaurant run together.” Her enthusiasm is easy to understand; the staff of Barefoot Bob’s needed only an hour to familiarize themselves with the new POS system prior to their first service.

Regarding APG’s inclusion in the episode, Mark Oslon, President of APG Cash Drawer stated, “APG is proud and honored to be included in this solution. By installing new, mobile POS solutions, restaurants can improve the overall customer experience. This POS package is a platform to help restaurants revive their current operations and ultimately improve their business.”

While Kitchen Nightmares focuses exclusively on restaurants, APG Cash Drawer does not. They make products that would be useful for any business that deals with cash, whether it’s food, hospitality, retail, food, convenience stores, or anything else. And if their existing products don’t meet your needs, they can work with you to create a custom cash drawer solution. They also manufacture POS integration systems that take the hassle out of organizing your new point of sale system.

Barefoot Bob’s is the fifth episode of the current season of Kitchen Nightmares and can be viewed at FOX’s website. APG Cash Drawer, POS Lavu and Zephyr Hardware were also featured on three episodes of the show last year, and will be on at least two more new episodes this season. I don’t know which—you’ll just have to watch to find out. In the meantime, you can view the original press release about APG Cash Drawer’s inclusion here.

Spoiler alert: episode ends on a positive note. Barefoot Bob’s is on the upswing and so is the owners’ marriage. “I love you, you’re the best,” says the wife. And the voice of the narrator tells us that the husband now has what he always wanted, “His wife… working along side him once again.”

Can point of sale technology save your marriage? Probably not, but it may be able to give your business a boost—and in the process save you from getting yelled at by Gordon Ramsey.

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