Let the Online War Begin! Smart Guy Takes Aim at Amazon, Walmart and Others

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The domination of large chain stores that share a brand, central management, standardized business methods and products have come to dominate the market in many parts of the world, from the smaller single use chains to the huge mega discount stores like Walmart, each one taking money out of their local communities. Now with online behemoths like Amazon and others also going deeper into their direct-to-consumer model, small business owners are feeling the effect. This is where SmartGuy.com comes into play.

The displacement of independent businesses by these chains and online powerhouses has caused increased collaboration among local businesses, communities and even some companies to prevent this chain proliferation. SmartGuy.com has declared war like a modern day David vs. Goliath.

“While the concept of cheaper prices sounds great to the local consumer, the cost to local communities is even greater,” states Jordan Wexler, CEO of SmartGuy.com. “This siphons money out of their local economy and into the hands of rich corporations, many of whom are even overseas!”

Though the idea of Smart Guy began in the minds of a small family sitting in the balcony of a church, SmartGuy.com has since become one of the largest exclusive business networks in the world with over 170,000 small business professionals in over 5,000 cities.

Without any advertising budget or a workforce to take the concept forward, it has quickly grown by word of mouth as more and more businesses acknowledge the value of being instantly connected with other “like-minded” business professionals in their area that agree to provide quality service, refer each other whenever possible and offer discounts to the local public.

“Smart Guy is creating tons of online city business networks every day,” continues Wexler. “Each is like a family of team players who recognize that standing together in a local referral network of 50, 100 and in some cases 500 businesses is the most powerful way to fight the infiltration of chain stores.”

Wexler continued, “Our members do not have to waste a ton of money in one-time advertising efforts since they are receiving referrals from each other; therefore, they can use these savings to pass on discounts to local neighbors to fight online and chain stores lower prices and keep the money local.”

Smart Guy is free to join and provides both consumers and business professionals with great value.

Consumers can easily find local professionals willing to provide great service often at much cheaper prices. Business members get a free search engine friendly business page, internal communication system for members, bartering opportunities, consumer visibility, but most of all, inclusion in a local group of non-competing businesses in their area that agree to work together and leverage their efforts in a massive cooperative effort of up to 1,500 businesses within each city.

One Individual per city can even elect to be the local Smart Guy city network leader and receive compensation from those members who upgrade to Premium and receive greater visibility and benefits.

Though having self-funded the project from the start, Wexler has refused proposals to take the company public as he feels it wouldn’t be in the best interests of what they are trying to achieve; however, he didn’t rule out the idea of taking on the right partners to help the network grow even faster.

When asked what his end goal is, Wexler responded,“It is about connecting small business together more effectively, just as Uber did for transportation and Amazon has done for publishing, retail and soon grocery. I want to bring the power back to the people.”

Wexler, who has founded several other very successful online companies, comes from a family of highly successful entrepreneurs, including mother and two-time Golden Globe Award-winning actress Linda Cristal, two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler and billionaire real estate developer Jerry Wexler.

Goliath, you better watch out. David is taking out his sling and already has the might of nearly two hundred thousand small business professionals behind him.

About Smart Guy

SmartGuy.com, Inc. is one of the largest exclusive business networks in the world, providing solutions for small business professionals. Smart Guy focuses on providing an easy-to-use exclusive platform for 1,500 professionals per city to generate new clients, network with other like-minded businesses and help consumers save money.


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