Free eBook: Line Busting as a Mobile Transaction and Service Strategy

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The consumerization of smartphones introduced what would become the key enabling technology to transform the transaction experience. Driven now by elevated customers expectations and competitive pressures, industry studies suggest businesses are making investments and taking steps to realize the promise of a transformed shopping and dining experience. Line busting has emerged as a trend among business operators seeking to improve the in-store customer experience to satisfy heightened expectations and fully leverage investments in mobile technology.

This eBook aims to:

  • Summarize recent developments in the current state of mobile transaction technology, with an emphasis on line busting as a part of mPOS systems
  • Highlight studies that point to mobile transaction’s projected significant short-term growth
  • Outline the business benefits of both mobile transactions and line busting
  • Provide in-depth guidance on how to evaluate mPOS systems for line-busting applications


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