Linxens To Reveal New Product Portfolio At Trustech 2017

Linxens, a global leader in the design and manufacture of micro connectors for smartcards and RFID Antennas & Inlays, has chosen Trustech to unveil its innovations for contact and contactless secured connections and its new brand positioning.

A market leader for more than 30 years, Linxens has a proven track record of delivering its services to exceptional standards of quality and reliability. With an expanded portfolio of products, Linxens has become a one-stop supplier of all forms of connection, both contact and contactless, for its customers on a number of market segments: Telecom, Transport, eGovernment, Access Control, Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment, Financial Services, loT, Healthcare and Industry and Specialty.
More than a supplier, Linxens’ 3,000 committed employees worldwide, take service, design and manufacturing one step further through imagining a solution, crafting it and testing it, delivering the best possible answer to its clients’ expectations.

Find out more about Linxens by visiting our booth, Riviera A 046 at Trustech 2017 from 28th – 30th November 2017 or our website
Some innovations that will be on show at Trustech:

As market demand for dual interface cards continues to grow, Linxens Edgelink® offers an additional technology for connecting the module to the antenna into a card, in a very easy and cost optimized way. It is also fully-aligned with the industry’s migration towards the secure EMV standards.
Edgelink® comprises a copper wire antenna, an embedded connecting pad and a module connector. Edgelink® is easily integrated into any contact smartcard embedding process: the inlays do not require any additional materials or specialized equipment to connect the chip module to the inlay antenna. Equally important for card integrators from the manufacturing perspective is that production yields for Edgelink® connections are of the highest level.

A world first, Linxens is unveiling the first colored microconnector tapes for smartcard modules. The innovation gives a variety of organizations – including banks, transport operators and retailers – the chance to stand out from the crowd, to build brand recognition and to enhance customer loyalty. For eGovernment and Access Control market segments, they offer a distinctive alternative to traditional designs. The contact or dual interface modules are available in blue, red or orange with the option of even greater customization by adding a company logo in the center of the module. All plating grades of gold or palladium are available, in fully-etched or micro-etched versions. The Colored Tapes can be combined with Linxens’ colored Inlays, bringing truly personalized solutions.

Verifying the identity of a cardholder is a major challenge for organizations, including retailers and government agencies, with PIN codes being the traditional method of
authentication. At the same time, contactless payments are booming, bringing more convenience for consumers and allowing much faster transactions for retailers.
Biometric cards are a new generation of cards, switching from a 4 PIN digit user authentication to a full personal digital identification.

The user’s fingerprint is instantly matched through contact or contactless technology, leading the way for Biometric cards to ensure seamless and secure transactions,
regardless of their amount.

Linxens’ unique inlay technology allows all the required components for this new generation of cards to be embedded and interconnected on all types of connecting

Additionally, Linxens provides the technology which makes the fingerprint sensor fully compatible with smartcard requirements. Along with the retail sector, the cards are also ideal for the Financial Services, eGovernment and Access Control markets. Linxens technology is paving the way for mass deployment of biometric cards.

About Linxens
Linxens is a world-class provider of component-based solutions for the security & identity market. Linxens is a global leader in the design and manufacture of microconnectors for smart cards and RFID Antennas & Inlays. Linxens is the global go-to supplier for the identification and secure payment, telecommunications, transportation and e-Government markets. We also use our technical expertise to offer innovative LED lighting solutions. With 8 production facilities in Asia, Europe and North America, Linxens makes its large-scale production capacity available to its customers, and delivers guaranteed product and technical reliability thanks to the work carried out in its 4 R&D Centers. More than 6 billion people worldwide use our products every day. The company reported revenue of €535 million (2016), and employs 3,000 people worldwide.

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