Loop Commerce Reveals Top Gifts and Consumer Behavior Insights for Mother’s Day 2017

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Menlo Park, CA, May 17, 2017 – Loop Commerce, the company behind the award winning GiftNow™ product e-gifting platform and service, today announced insights into consumer gifting behavior and top gifts purchased for Mother’s Day 2017. According to Loop, the accessories category led the holiday, with handbags and purses as the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, followed by the apparel, health and beauty, and footwear categories. While handbags and purses have historically been considered a “risky gift” given price points and personal preferences — by allowing the recipient to customize by selecting the size, color, and style, GiftNow has transformed the category and made it a new and better option for thoughtful gifting.

“This Mother’s Day, Loop’s GiftNow service remained an especially attractive option for highly personalized gift-giving, with consumers purchasing more thoughtful and personal gifts like handbags and purses,” said Roy Erez, CEO and Co-Founder of Loop Commerce. “The flexibility of last-minute gifting that our platform affords consumers, allows retailers and brands to tap into a tremendous new revenue stream. In offering consumers the ability to send a gift up until the very last minute, retailers are adapting to the needs of their consumers, creating the seamless experience shoppers have come to demand.”

Loop Commerce evaluated purchases made through its large network of leading retailers and brands including Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Coach, and American Giant, among others.

Significant Findings Include:

Accessories Are Top Gifts Among Mother’s Day Gifters: Unlike Christmas and Valentine’s Day, accessories edged out apparel to top the list as the most popular gift category. Handbags and purses dominated the category, representing 6 of the top 10 gifts for Mother’s Day. The apparel category was led by outerwear and active wear, followed by the health and beauty category, with products like fragrances and cosmetics. These product insights demonstrate what shoppers actually prefer to buy as Mother’s Day gifts when given the choice and flexibility of buying merchandize without the risk and associated barriers.

Men Spent More than Women for Mother’s Day Gifts: While more women sent gifts using the GiftNow service this Mother’s Day, men were the larger spenders. Women represented sixty-two percent of the gift senders this Mother’s Day, but men spent forty-two percent more than women buying gifts this Mother’s Day season.  Mothers who received gifts from GiftNow made the most of their experience — twenty-eight percent utilized the service to customize their gift by changing size or colorSixty-four percent of all gift recipients accepted their e-gifts “as-is” with no modification. Only eight percent exchanged their gift to select something different, which suggests that gift senders were very successful in selecting a thoughtful, personal gift using the GiftNow service.

The Majority of Gifts Were Sent Long Distance: Fifty-four percent of gifts purchased on Loop’s GiftNow platform were sent to a recipients greater than 50 miles from the sender. Interestingly, sixty-two percent of women sent a Mother’s Day gift to a recipient greater than 50 miles away, as compared to only forty percent of men.

Mobile Devices Gain Popularity for Browsing and Buying Gifts: As retailers continue to optimize their mobile sites and applications, usage of mobile devices by consumers grew for both browsing and buying gifts leading up to Mother’s Day. Seventy-six percent of consumers browsing online used their mobile devices (handheld and tablets combined), versus twenty-four percent browsing on desktop. While the majority of online purchases are still made using desktops, transactions on mobile devices grew to represent forty percent of transactions made on the GiftNow platform during the Mother’s Day season.

Gift Buyers Continue to Send Gifts Last Minute: Still a top-of-the-list barrier for retailers to accommodate the basic needs of gift shoppers, over forty-four percent of total Mother’s Day gifts sent using the GiftNow platform were purchased by procastinators as last minute gifts, defined as the last two days before the holiday — when on time shipping is impossible for most retailers. At the other end of the spectrum, twenty-seven percent of Mother’s Day gifts were purchased over the past 30 days and scheduled in advance for digital delivery on Mother’s Day with GiftNow.


About Loop Commerce

Loop Commerce is driving a paradigm shift in e-commerce and creating a category of purchases previously unavailable to merchants, by removing the obstacles consumers face when trying to buy a physical product as a gift. Loop’s GiftNow™ platform and service is an enterprise-grade, fully customizable, product e-gifting solution powering the shopping experience, checkout and e-gifting platform with its GiftNow service for leading retailers. By integrating the personalization of gifting with the convenience of online shopping, Loop makes buying gifts simpler and more thoughtful for consumers, while driving significant business value and incremental sales for retailers. Loop’s solution seamlessly integrates with retailers’ online stores through a zero-integration implementation, fueling increased business, reducing costly returns and exchanges, and enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty. The company’s groundbreaking SaaS solution was built and optimized with significant R&D and collective experience working with some of the largest and most demanding retail brands. Loop is backed by PayPal and key executives in technology, e-commerce and retail. For more information about Loop Commerce, visit our website and follow us on Twitter @LoopCommerce and on LinkedIn.


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