Lucova’s FIIT POE Named Top 10 Most Trusted POS Solution

SUNNYVALE, Calif.,  Lucova, the provider of technology that uniquely turns the point-of-sale into a Point-of-Experience, is proud to announce that its FIIT Point of Experience (POE) solution received top honors by Insights Success Magazine. Recognized as one of the top 10 most trusted POS solutions, the FIIT POE platform leverages all the best technologies of cashless payments, AI and operation efficiencies to provide the best possible experience for the merchant and its customers. 

Using a patented beacon technology, FIIT POE accesses customer profiles from a smartphone to provide staff with all the information needed to deliver a personalized and unforgettable experience.  With customer recognition technology, hands-free and mobile pay, mobile ordering and a user-friendly app, FIIT POE is not just a point of sale system; it’s a point of experience.

“We make transactions every day but the human experience gets lost and that’s killing brick and mortar sales,” said Amit Jhas, co-founder and CEO of Lucova. “When all the best technologies are combined properly, from AI for personalized marketing, to customer identity, it is possible to win back the customer. FIIT POE is re-establishing the value of offline commerce by transforming physical touch points into more personal and memorable experiences.”

When campus diners and operations are introduced to the technology they all immediately realize the value. Features that immediately lay the foundation for success include FIIT POE’s beacon technology, which checks students using the mobile app into the system the moment they walk into a venue. Other user-friendly features that make FIIT POE a crowd pleaser include the ability to pre-order food, digitize meal cards, and quickly check account balances. This is a big win for campus retention programs that are measured by student engagement and improved student life experience.

The system can also be optimized for other industries. In addition to campus life, FIIT POE has proved itself in retail and QSR locations. Lucova is looking to expand to other industries that need simple, intuitive and powerful tools – to win the moments that matter.  


FIIT POE, powered by Lucova, delivers a unique point-of-experience platform that combines a point-of-sale, a branded mobile platform and marketing engine working together to deliver enhanced student experiences. FIIT POE leverages all the best technologies of cashless payments, AI and operation efficiencies to ensure your business and staff perform on your student-life aspirations. For more information, visit

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