Barcode shoe tracking system pleases customers at Macy’s

We’ve all been there – shopping for that perfect pair of shoes in a department store.  If choosing the right pair wasn’t hard enough, finding out that your size or color of out-of-stock is even more frustrating.  Macy’s department store gave me a real treat on a recent shopping excursion.  As I browsed the shoe department I picked up a few pairs of shoes that were exactly what I “needed”.  I sighed as I handed the shoe salesman my choices expecting to be waiting for days while he meandered through the stock room in the back.   To my surprise, he whipped out a digital scanner from his holster (yes it was in a holster) and scanned the barcode on the bottom of each shoe.


Instantly he was able to tell me if the size I requested was in stock as well as the other colors the shoe came in! How’s that for service?  I was  elated.   Having a barcode tracking system like this is beneficial to both the retailer and the customer.   The barcode tracking system helps the store carefully control their inventory and pricing, manage their footwear vendors and even handle services like layaway.  Instant inventory updates let the salesperson know what’s in stock, on order, and in transit.  Customers are happier because it saves their time (for more shopping of course) and there is less frustration due to out-of-stock items because the inventory is being carefully managed.   Additionally, a technically progressive retailer like Macy’s can expect a repeat visits from customers who like the speedy accurate service.

For a girl that likes her shoes, and wants what she sees, shoes with a barcode tracking system are a little slice of heaven.





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