Major Retailers Choose Savvius Solutions

WALNUT CREEK, Calif – May 2, 2017 – Savvius™, Inc., a leader in network visibility and performance diagnostics, has rapidly become a trusted provider of network performance management solutions to major U.S. retailers including RossKrogerSafewayRite AidWalmart, and Chevron, plus more in Asia and Europe. The unique networking needs of the retail sector, which must deliver a uniform experience to a broad variety of users across a large number of locations, is a perfect fit for an integrated set of Savvius solutions that range from Savvius Insight, a micro-appliance used in small retail locations, to the Omnipliance® T300, located in large datacenters across the country.

“Retailers are under pressure to deliver a fast, reliable, and predictable shopping experience. They depend on the reliable, high-performance operation of wired and wireless networks in their stores, warehouses, offices and datacenters,” said Patrick Johnston, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Savvius. “Major retailers have been turning to Savvius because of our proven experience in these demanding and distributed environments. Coupled with our broad, integrated product line, it makes Savvius a partner they can rely on.”

Savvius Omnipliance® in the Datacenter

Savvius Omnipliance® is the industry’s highest-performing packet-capture and network analytics solution. Savvius Omnipliance solutions range from 10G and 40G interface solutions for backbone networks and datacenters to 1U, 4x1G solutions for midsize and regional offices, warehouses, and retail locations.

With Savvius Omnipliance, network engineers and IT teams gain enterprise-class network visibility, application performance analysis, and performance diagnostics on multi-segment and multi-location networks. Each Omnipliance comes complete with award-winning Savvius Omnipeek software that provides expert troubleshooting and instant analysis of captured data, making it ideal for short- and long-term evaluation of network and application performance.            

Savvius Omnipliance WiFi® in the Warehouse

Specifically designed for large, open environments, Savvius Omnipliance WiFi® is the industry’s only WLAN analysis solution that enables monitoring, analysis, and troubleshooting of multi-Gigabit-speed 802.11ac traffic by capturing data directly from non-dedicated Access Points (APs) in a warehouse or other high-utilitization location. Omnipliance WiFi analyzes and stores wireless traffic for days or even weeks, allowing IT staff and network engineers to monitor the environment’s overall performance and isolate problems or intermittent events, analyze wireless conversations and authentications, and even find rogue APs.

Savvius Insight™ for Remote Network Visibility

For retail locations and smaller warehouses, Savvius Insight™ provides a host of network troubleshooting capabilities and benefits tailored to the needs of highly-distributed networks. Insight’s small, fanless box with four 1G ports contains the full power of Savvius network analytics plus a complete ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack for powerful, native reporting of key network performance indicators and long-term trending data.

In the retail environment, Savvius Insight’s ability to visualize, detect, and diagnose network issues at the edge of the network, where POS systems live, gives remotely-based IT teams the power to understand POS issues at the source. This visibility into POS traffic provides a critical advantage for retailers, helping them quickly determine whether they are experiencing malicious activity or merely a network or application issue causing a terminal to perform poorly.

Savvius Omnipeek Remote Assistant for Remote Endpoint Troubleshooting

For increased visibility at the edge of distributed networks, Savvius provides Omnipeek Remote Assistant (ORA) with every Omnipeek Enterprise edition at no additional charge. ORA is a fully secure remote packet capture tool that saves network engineers valuable time by not requiring them to travel to a user’s location simply to capture network data for troubleshooting. A network team member simply emails the small ORA file to a person at the remote site, where the tool aggregates traffic from multiple wireless channels or wired segments into packet files. The encrypted results are then returned to the network analyst or engineer for analysis and troubleshooting.

Whether used together, or individually, Savvius Omnipliance, Savvius Omnipliance WiFi, Savvius Insight and Omnipeek Remote Assistant deliver the network diagnostics and troubleshooting power that every retailer needs for visibility into their critical networks.

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About Savvius Omnipliance WiFi

Savvius Omnipliance WiFi is the only WLAN network packet capture and analysis appliance enabling network engineers to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot full Gigabit-speed 802.11ac enterprise-wide WLANs.

About Savvius Insight

Savvius Insight is the newest and smallest member of the Omnipliance family of network monitoring appliances, offering real-time enterprise-class network management for smaller networks. Savvius Insight can be easily installed inline at branch locations to collect key network performance indicators. These can be display on any web browser, eliminate travel to remote locations for network troubleshooting.

About Savvius, Inc.

Savvius offers a range of powerful software and appliance products that automate the collection of critical network data for network forensics in security investigations and for network and application visibility and performance diagnostics. Savvius products are trusted by network and security professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world. Visit https://www.savvius.comfor information about Savvius Omnipliance®, Savvius Omnipeek®, Savvius Vigil™, and Savvius Insight™, and to learn about Savvius technology and channel partners.


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