Medical Touch Screen Computer Monitors for Healthcare Environments

medical touch screen computer monitors

Hospital administrators are constantly seeking innovative ways to shave costs while improving patient services. Many have turned to medical touch screen computer monitors to increase staff efficiency, comply with government regulations, reduce liability and enhance accuracy in patient reporting.

Three leading computer monitors especially designed for medical applications are the Tyco Electronics’ Elo Touch System, the Pioneer POS All-in-One Touch Screen and the Cybernet T10 All-In-One medical tablet. All offer quality and reliability in easy-to-read displays and responsive touch screen computer monitor interfaces.

The medical touch screens are responsive to a finger, a rubber-gloved hand or a stylus. The computer monitors used in healthcare facilities must also be HIPAA-qualified to preserve patient confidentiality, and able to store electronic medical records.

Additionally, all three computer monitors are anti-microbial and designed to withstand the challenges of an environment that includes moisture, germs, users of varying degrees of technical knowledge, and aesthetics to complement the healthcare environment. Health care providers seeking touch screen technology include doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, clinics, nursing and retirement homes and assisted living communities.

The Elo medical touch screen computer monitor is described by the company as a cost-effective solution for system integrators, value-added resellers and software developers offering healthcare applications such as nursing stations, computer-aided therapy, electronic medical record (EMR) keeping, paperless charting, patient self check-in / registration or point-of-information installations. A removable base and multiple mounting features provide installation flexibility.

Cybernet’s Senior Vice-President Ali Bagheri stressed the flexibility of product offerings to meet customer needs. “We continuously work with our customers to study their changing computer monitor use,” he stated in a February 2012 media release. “Many of our health care customers have used our all-in-one PCs for several years, and often make design suggestions. Some customers want PCs that can be mounted on a wall or cart, but others want something more portable that can also handle EMR software that can be used throughout their facilities. The CyberMed T10 can be used anywhere.”

The StealthTouch Series from Pioneer POS, in combination with Medical Check In software, is one solution for streamlining the patient check in process for doctor’s offices, hospitals, or other medical facilities.

Michael Flores, Director, Business Development for Pioneer stated, “The Medical Check In software helps streamline operations where reduced staffing levels are forcing organizations like hospitals and other health care facilities to utilize touch based solutions to maintain or improve patient and customer service.”

It’s clear that technology applications, specifically touch screen computer monitors, for health care facilities are being embraced as a means for cost control, patient confidentiality, government regulation compliance and accuracy in patient care.


About Tyco Electronics

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About Pioneer POS

Pioneer POS Inc., founded in 1994, is headquartered in California, with offices in Asia, and distributors worldwide. The product line includes touch screen computer monitors, all-in-one touch screen systems, and kiosks. For more information:

About Cybernet

Cybernet is a pioneer in high-performance, all-in-one PC technology. The company designs and manufactures all-in-one PCs for multiple markets including health care. Contact to learn more.


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