Miku Restaurant Gets a Point of Sale Makeover with Squirrel Professional Software and Apple’s iPad

Squirrel Professional on Apple iPad at Miku Restaurant

As we’ve already seen, Point of Sale for the restaurant industry is ready for a makeover, and applications for mobile devices, including Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, are the hottest trend.

Just recently, Miku Restaurant, an establishment well known in Vancouver, Canada for its fine Japanese dining, implemented Squirrel Systems for the Apple iPad as their new point of sale.

Seigo Nakamura, owner and executive chef of the 60 year old family restaurant business, decided to venture out of Japan and open an international branch in Vancouver in 2008.  The restaurant was a great fit for the health-conscious, multicultural city, and is famous for its authentic Japanese cooking and its beautiful design.  Seigo obviously cares about providing a beautiful and pleasurable dining experience, saying, “I don’t just want a business, but want to create a culture and a community.”  It makes sense that he would be eager to implement a sleek new point of sale to further improve that experience.

Squirrel Systems provides innovative point of sale solutions for the hospitality industry, and appeared to be just what Miku Restaurant squrriel systems POSneeded.  George Katagai, CEO and President of Miku Restaurant , states, “There are many POS systems out there, but the system we are looking to create is Miku-specific.”  Katagai notes that Squirrel’s POS system is efficient and customizable, which allows them to “streamline service” and provide “a true guest-driven environment.”  Squirrel Professional is designed with flexibiltiy in mind, opererating from a Microsoft SQL Server technology. It works in a variety of operational styles, has several options for high speed payment processing, and works with various hardware selections. Aside from the Apple line of devices, Squirrel Professional is also compatible with a ruggedized tablet from DT Research, a Handheld device designed by Squirrel itself, and also is now compatible with a variety of Android tablets.

The Squirrel Professional point of sale application for the Apple iPad lives up to the aesthetic standards of a place like Miku Restaurants.  Its functionality is no less elegant, proving easy to use, adaptable, and intuitive.

squirrel systems POS at Miku RestaurantFrom the Manager’s perspective, Gary Hutton observed, “The extremely intuitive manner in which the system can be customized and updated is a welcome relief from our previous system. The iPads work very well as standalone units, and are of course much sleeker and more compact than our previous POS terminals.”  Squirrel Systems also impressed the Miku Restaurant management with their responsiveness and support, being quick to implement feedback from Miku staff.  Squirrel Systems offers a 24/7 help desk to support their customers.

“With their Aburi flame-seared sushi, Miku is certainly familiar with creating an innovative taste experience for their customers,” says Bob Mackett, President of Squirrel Systems. “By implementing Squirrel Professional on the Apple iPad, Miku takes the innovation further with a technology solution that enhances the guest experience even more.”

A new Miku Restaurant is planned for the Los Angeles area, and the company plans to utilize the Squirrel POS software and Apple hardware for all of their North American locations.

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