Mobey Forum Offers Guidance on Balancing M-Commerce Security and Usability

13 December 2017 – Mobey Forum has today published a new report exploring the available methods to effectively enable both robust risk management and a frictionless customer journey within the m-commerce environment. Entitled Authentication in M-commerce: Balancing Risk and Experience’, the report also provides an industry view on the criteria for applying strong customer authentication (SCA), and analyses potential challenges posed by legislation such as PSD2.

Ron van Wezel from Aite Group and Co-Chair of Mobey Forum’s SCA in M-commerce Expert Group, comments: “The main priority for m-commerce merchants is delivering the seamless experience that consumers demand, as this is a key point of competitive difference. But the increasing frequency, sophistication and impact of card-not-present fraud is leading to the implementation of tougher compliance requirements from payment networks and regulators.”

“The significant challenge for financial institutions and retailers is to strike the right balance between effective fraud mitigation and seamless user experience across an expanding range of payment methods,” continues van Wezel. “This report interrogates both risk-based and strong customer authentication methods, and recommends a tailored, layered approach to securing the mobile channel incorporating various technologies and techniques.”

Developed by Mobey Forum’s SCA in M-Commerce Expert Group in collaboration with Aite Group, the report features analysis from senior fraud and business-line executives at global financial institutions, payment networks, merchants, and fraud and authentication vendors. In addition, the report contains the results of a worldwide survey examining the benefits and the challenges associated with mobile payment authentication for m-commerce payments.

Maikki Frisk, Executive Director, Mobey Forum, adds: “This paper is part of our ongoing work to help banks and financial institutions adapt to the new and increasingly complex demands of the digital era, while maintaining robust security and risk mitigation.”

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