Mobile Devices for POS Retail Expansion


Consumers are spending more time engaged (some might say, enslaved) digitally, and retailers have taken note. Never before have retailers paid closer attention to consumer technology. The benefits of mobility combined with processing speed and power have ushered in a new paradigm for retailers – in a business where up-to-the-minute access to data necessary to drive decision-making is essential.

 Part of the beauty of mobile POS (mPOS) is the new power that retailers can tap into to improve in-store productivity, from aisle-based customer service straight through to back office processing and inventory management. And recognizing the need for customers’ instant gratification, stock can be ordered directly from a distribution center or other stores and sent directly to the customer or shipped to the store of their choice.

 Today, many of the world’s leading retailers, including JC Penney, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Ann Taylor and Zale’s turn to some aspects of mobile POS solutions and services to become more profitable, productive and competitive.

 Tablet devices have, for the past couple of years, driven this technology and sales strategy. The Apple iPad and other tablet devices have lead to a growing trend on the sales floor. The portability and graphics capabilities of the tablet render it a powerful tool for creating more efficient transactions and improving customer engagement.

 Epicor is one company that has embraced the trend toward mPOS, promoting the technology to retailers as a way to more effectively place orders, process sales transactions, and support other retail applications such as business intelligence, enterprise selling and CRM (customer relationship management) with only an iPad device and a small Bluetooth® barcode scanner.

 Offering a powerful computing platform that combines an attractive form factor with relative low cost and ease-of-use, tablets offer retailers a vital tool to improve productivity and decision making from the back office to the point of order entry on the retail floor. What’s more, the graphics capability and expanded “real estate” of tablets offer retailers the ability to provide a visually appealing and rich, contextual and collaborative purchasing experience for shoppers.

 The benefits of mobility combined with processing speed and power have ushered in a new paradigm for retailers to help them become more profitable, productive and competitive.


 About Epicor:


Epicor has 50 years of experience in delivering innovative, award–winning solutions to more than 33,000 customers, in over 150 countries, in 30 languages. Their solutions are designed for the unique needs of key industries—manufacturing, distribution, retail, and hospitality. Call 877-338-9893 for more information.



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